Mötley Crüe - Saints of Los Angeles Album Review


Jun 24 2008, 14h31

I thought that after a few listens of the entire album I would write a journal entry containing my thoughts on The Crüe's latest effort. On the first listen, sometime last week, I think it was more my excitement and anticipation to hear it than the actual quality of the music that led me to write that it was "rock solid" in the shoutbox. Since then, I’ve listened to it 6 or 7 times more and I really think it’s missing something, but I can’t quite identify what that is. Maybe you could try listening to Shout At The Devil followed by Saints Of Los Angeles to understand what I mean. My biggest problem with SOLA is that it just doesn’t sound right, I don’t know whether it’s to do with the actual recording or production of it but you can barely hear Vince sing over the music on some tracks and his voice is severely lacking in charm and charisma, not to mention his already limited supply of vocal power. Again, compare a song like Danger or Ten Seconds To Love with anything from SOLA to understand exactly what I mean. Aside from that, the muscianship is of a reasonable standard, Mick especially (some of the riffs are really good and reminiscent of Mötley’s heyday ) and Tommy more so than Sixx, as the basslines sound quite muffled on most of the album.

Also I'm not sure whether I enjoy the storytelling concept (borderline plugging) of The Dirt (Mötley Crüe’s autobiography) in the songs either. The odd reference e.g. girls passed out, naked in the back lounge, everybody's gonna score is quite fun and enjoyable but it’s just awful on a track like Down At The Whiskey.

My picks, and the only songs I really enjoy from SOLA, are:
Face Down In The Dirt
Saints of Los Angeles
Chicks = Trouble
Goin’ Out Swingin’

The rest are lacklustre, even by name, for example what type of track titles are “Welcome To The Machine” and “Just Another Psycho” for Mötley Crüe songs? Now Raise Your Hands To Rock, Louder Than Hell and Piece Of Your Action are what I call song titles.

More than anything, I get the impression that Sixx in his wild ambitions of trying to appeal to the nu/alternative/emo listening generation is forcing Mötley Crüe away from their true sound of Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil and towards more Sixx:A.M. orientated material.

Now for some facts about the album:
It's produced (rather poorly) by Sixx's close collaborator, "friend" and Sixx:A.M. bandmate James Michael.
It’s the second Mötley Crüe album to be released on the 24th June, the first being Generation Swine. Which doesn’t exactly set the standard does it?
The majority of the songs on SOLA are written by Sixx with his A.M. goons and long-time Aerosmith co-writer Marti Frederiksen. No wonder it's missing something: actual input from the band.

So in short: 5/10 for Saints, and the first 5 albums until I die.


  • Geracka

    Moving away from 'Too Fast For Love'? Saints is probably their most punk album since Too Fast.. The primary difference is in the production, but even then this seems substantially scaled down in comparison to [i]Feelgood[/i] or [i]Girls[/i]. I don't can't quite grasp your issue with the songwriting either. Sixx has always dominated the writing process and, despite the input of Michael, the sound of the new album bears only minimal resemblance to Sixx:A.M., with the exception of the ballad. Without question I'd sooner have James Michael produce any album than Tom Werman. He might not be Bob Rock, but at least he doesn't have [i]In Color[/i] or [i]Theatre of Pain[/i] on his conscience (Also - 'Louder Than Hell' as a good song title? Are you sure?). I like Generation Swine though, so what do I know?

    Jun 24 2008, 18h00
  • Jsu5

    Thanks for your comments and points. Although Geracka, I like Theatre of Pain, so what do [i]I[/i] know!? Yeah, maybe Louder Than Hell isn't that good of a song title, I think I just like the notion of loud and hell being in one track name.

    Jun 25 2008, 9h24
  • jewofunk

    So NOT punk. SOLA is very poor. It's way more modern alt. rock sounding than anything punk. Motley haven't released anything very punk sine "Shout." I may disagree with you on "Raise Your Hands to Rock" or "Louder Than Hell" as good songs, but for the rest I agree. The way I see it, Motley Crue release four solid albums; "Too Fast For Love," "Shout at the Devil," "Dr. Feelgood," and the Corabi LP. Every post-Crab sucks and "Theatre of Pain" and "Girls Girls Girls" are pretty standard 80's hair metal (despite the few cool tracks on them). I don't forsee "SOLA" getting better for me.

    Jun 27 2008, 1h18
  • MetallicaACDC

    Is it as good as [i]Shout[/i] or [i]Feelgood[/i]? No. But that doesn't mean it flat out sucks. It's one step below those albums. It has all the hooks, the attitude, the sleaze and the balls that those albums had, but it's just missing one more stand out hit. Still, it's a solid album that I'm really enjoying listening to. I don't see your complaint on the songwriting. Nikki has always been the primary songwriter, and if you look at the credits, Mick actually gets credit on like half the album (something new). Tommy and Vince were never songwriters to begin with. Their best album in almost 20 years, just enjoy it.

    Jun 29 2008, 16h03
  • Prestine-girl

    Good review :) I totally agree with your picks being the most enjoyable! SOLA is NOT as good as their stuff from the good old days but hey then again this is better than most bands these days so I appreciate it anyhow. ^^

    Jul 11 2008, 0h42
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