Summerfest Day 1 (June 24th)


Jun 25 2010, 7h03

Thu 24 Jun – Summerfest 2010, June 24th

Summerfest is one my favorite things to do all summer. Always something to do: people to meet, games to play, drunks to watch. It's a good time. So glad it's back after such a long time.

As I said, there is always something to do. So before camping out waiting for the bands of the night I hung out with some friends to check out the activities going down for the year. Just to name a few non-concert events, there was the playstation area again where there was guitar hero 5/ dj hero (which is really boring) and also a home run derby I came in second in among other games. There was also the combo and air head xtreme promotional stations where you basically got free food. best deal/ tastiest deal there.

Anyway the main bands for the night I decided to see were Tokyo Police Club and Passion Pit.

I'll just give a brief description because there are 11 days of this and I want to sleep.

Tokyo Police Club:
Sounded very similar to their album, couldnt really complain about the quality of the sound or the quality of the crowd (at least for this show). Kept the crowd somewhat in the show, tho at times it seemed to lag a bit.

Passion Pit
I think the show started off great but slowly during the concert and even a bit before the show started the late concert comers tried shoving in which over crowded the front and made a lot of people uncomfortable. I somewhat blame the benches summerfest continues to think are needed at the festival. Anyways as I've said before the Milwaukee concert environment really seems to be more immature as concert goers than say chicago. Passion Pit played a pretty decent sized set for their near lack of material. The covered The Cranberries Dreams which sounded pretty good. There were times where the sound was fantastic and others where it seemed something was a little off. Overall I think it was a good show, Passion Pit really had energy throughout the show.

I also saw the ending of Sheryl Crow but only was able to catch the last 4 songs on her set or so, tho I am very happy I got the chance to see her live.

Overall I consider the first day a success.

except for that parking structure that partially collapsed...which our car was in. haha


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