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Out 3 2007, 0h28

OK, havent done a journal in a while and I certainly havent done something like this in a while either. Anyways, lets begin.

The first time I heard of Radiohead was a few days before the release of Kid A.

Then, I was watching a Music Videos show on Irish TV which ran into the middle of the night. It kept playing a Metalica song like at least once every night. After that video was played one night, it played the video of a song which I knew feck all about.

It showed a car driving down at night with a man at the back of the car and a man running away from it. Of course, the man in the back was Thom Yorke. And the song was Karma Police from OK Computer.

Karma Police

I thought nothing of the video after that. Then last year, at a time where I would obsessvely listen to The Killers and Coldplay, I jumped on the bandwagon and give it a few tries. When I heard Paranoid Android for the 1st time, it was brillant but it was Karma Police which mad eme think.

Once I saw the words Karma Police while I going through the tracklist, I recgnised it as the video from Irish TV and though to myself down this...NOW!!!

Afterwards, I did download Karma Police and Paranoid Android but also Airbag, Let Down (I think), Fitter Happier and Climbing Up the Walls.

I liked what I heard so I thought I'd give Kid A a few tries. I downloaded all of my songs from OK C and Kid A at the time off Limewire. I downloaded Everything in it's Right Place, Kid A, The National Anthem, How to Disappear Completely, Treefingers and In Limbo.

I loved them and I was getting into them more and more so I went out on the 1st weekend of December last year to get Kid A on the Saturday and after seeing the price of OK Computer (FTR, it was £8 in HMV).

But then, the next day I went into get OK Computer which I loved to bits. After that, I had Kid A and OK Computer. And I was happy. After that, I decided to go deeper.

One time I saw the video for Just, that convicned me to get The Bends...but I didnt want to buy it. Something was sputting me off I dont know what it was but I got it in a torrent and I loved it..but at the time, I was only listening to one song from it, nothing else and that was Just (Dont ask em why, I dont know)


Then, I downloaded all (bar 1) of Amnesiac from Limewire and I thought it was...good. Not great but good. After that, got Hail to the Thief earlier this year and I love it. Then...I did something which I never thought I'd do...get The Bends of CD the same day The White Stripes album, Icky Thump, came out.

Of course I listened to Just alot but I gave it a more through listen and I realy liked The Bends, High and Dry and Fake Plastic Trees. After that, everything was good (Including Just obviously) Then the end was very very good...then...a song which may have changed my life...forever...

Street Spirit (Fade Out)

After I came home from work one time, I heard that someo of their new songs ended up on the net (Of course, not the proper stuff, it was live)

I downloaded it and heard the stuff which was going to be on LP7 most likely. Out of the songs I like which are Bangers 'N Mash, Arpeggi and 15 Step, the song I have to love the most is something which is similar to the Pyramid Song but much more beautiful then the Pyramid Song.

Videotape (Live)

Then, just after midnight on Monday October 1st 2007, Jonny Greenwood posted the news the whole world was waiting for.

Hello everyone.

Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days;

We've called it In Rainbows.

Love from us all.

The news the entire world was waiting to hear was finally here. In Rainbows, the name of Radiohead's LP7. And it's coming out Next Wednesday.

It'd be coming in 2 ways: A discbox worth £40. But here's the stunning bit of news: the download verison. Radiohead have been against downloading for a long time but now's the time they decided to do it but thats not the big surprise, that a minority.

There is no set price for the download, you can pay for the album whatever much you want. This would leave you puzzled at first, but if you click on the ? mark when you put in your price it says...

It's up to you.

Click on a ? mark a 2nd time and it says.

No really, its up to you

Months after Prince released his new album for free in a British newspaper, Radiohead are changing the way of how music will be sold forever.

Discbox of In Rainbows

Tracklist (Download)


Tracklist (Discbox)

[Disc 1]


[Disc 2]

MK 1
MK 2

And this is perfectly why Radiohead has turned into my favourite band ever (It maybe 2nd on my charts but it will be 1st, quote me for that)

Thom Yorke
Jonny Greenwood
Colin Greenwood
Phil Selway
Ed O'Brien
Pablo Honey
The Bends
OK Computer
Kid A
Hail to the Thief
In Rainbows
The Bends
High & Dry
Fake Plastic Trees
My Iron Lung
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Paranoid Android
Let Down
Karma Police
Fitter Happier
Climbing up the Walls
No Surprises
Everything In It's Right Place
Kid A
The National Anthem
How to Disappear Completely
In Limbo
Morning Bell
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
Pyramid Song
Morning Bell/Amnesiac
2 + 2 = 5
Sit Down. Stand Up
Sail to the Moon
Bangers 'n Mash
15 Step

PS: I tagged the tracks which I like the best, if you dont see your favourite song here, I'm gonna say to you have Radiohead said to the big fat rich music record labels. A massive...


PPS: I did alot of hard work into this and if you see any mistakes or typos, please forgive me :p


  • vidanes

    I second that: Fuck the music industry. That must be the most exciting way of buying I have heard of in a long time!!!

    Out 3 2007, 8h53
  • psychomode

    Nice! That was a pretty well written history of your Radiohead love story. :D

    Out 3 2007, 14h00
  • Frunobulax19

    What about Pablo Honey? I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings? COM LAG?

    Out 3 2007, 19h04
  • JonathanC06

    I dont have Pablo Honey (And I dont intend to either), I dont have the I might be wrong LEP :( and I dont have Com Lag.

    Out 3 2007, 22h00
  • Frunobulax19

    Pablo Honey has some great early stuff on it--just like the original 1990 demos and all the On A Friday songs I own. It all shows their early, Pixies influenced style that is so great because of how drastically different it is from the recent material.

    Out 3 2007, 23h42
  • JonathanC06

    I saw the My Iron Lung EP the other day, didnt want to get it. Want Com Lag though :(

    Out 5 2007, 2h48
  • psychomode

    My Iron Lung EP is great, so is Airbag/How Am I Driving! I'd recommend them both, in my humble opinion you're missing out on some of Radiohead's best songs! (The Trickster, Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong, Meeting In The Aisle, A Reminder, Palo Alto)

    Out 5 2007, 3h04
  • JonathanC06

    Sorry, let me rephrase my last post. I saw the My Irong Lung EP the other day, I couldnt get it. The only EP's I really want is Com Lag and Airbag/How am I Driving as well as the I Might Be Wrong Live EP but anywhere which I think could have them doesnt :(

    Out 5 2007, 3h55
  • neolithics

    Here's what Phil's got to say about the industry: [align=center][IMG]http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o6/mesolithics/Misc/phil2.jpg[/IMG] [size=10]Oh noes, Phil is not amused! D:[/size][/align] Wow, you put so much effort into this. :O Awesome history! ...Radiohead are changing the way of how music will be sold forever. Ahh, I can't agree more. :^)

    Out 6 2007, 17h32
  • JonathanC06

    Oh noez! Dont mess with Phil, he beat you into a pulp!

    Out 6 2007, 22h09
  • bowsie

    next week: how i discovered u2.

    Out 22 2007, 10h25
  • begarra

    I think radiohead are poor compared to what they used to be, I think they are fat, bloated, and its gotten to the stage where they no longer make good music, but make intelligent rock music, you have to be some sort of music snob. I think the way they released their last album, was disgusting, they obviously only did it as a money making scheme and to land a bigger percentage of record sales, They ran back to the record companies with exclusive content faster than a two hooker hoe. More guitar, less look at how intelligent we are please.

    Abr 2 2008, 13h07
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