Sad Frightened Rabbits in the Twilight....


Ago 14 2008, 22h29

3rd gig in three nights, I'm getting to old for this sort of behaviour. Title is the best amalgamation of the two headlining bands I could think of with my current tiredness.

Support was John B McKenna, a solo singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitarist and clearly plagiarising my name ;-). From what I could hear of him, over the obnoxious twats who insisted on talking over his performance, he's got some quite good material although forgetting the starting lyrics to one of his songs must have been annoying for him.

First headliners were Frightened Rabbit , I only started listening to them recently but am getting slightly obsessed with The Midnight Organ Fight, which is just fantastic. They played a decent proportion of the album tonight, the volume was a bit low, but they put in a good peformance. Poke performed with only an acoustic guitar and singing without a microphone was a nice touch, with the chastisement of the crowds accompaniment on the "ooo's". I do really like them, but then I think I'd like any band that can casually fit the lyric "or should we kick it's cunt in" into a song.

Second headliners were The Twilight Sad 3rd time I've seen them, first time I've seen them headlining and they keep growing on me each time. I said when I first saw them supporting the Smashing Pumpkins at the Carling Academy that they'd probably be better in a smaller venue with more volume. Tonight in the Liquid Rooms with plenty of volume behind them they sounded superb. They seem to have expanded and obtained a second guitarist/keyboardist since I last saw them, which really bulks out their sound and adds some real meat and power to their performance. They really seem to have developed into a good droney post-rock band recently, fully capable of putting on an awesome show.


  • TheWrongWayOut

    Hell yeah. I see you're an Aereogramme fan - you may know the new guy as Doc who joined 'Gramme towards the end playing keys and doing electronic wizzardy stuff. I can't wait to see what he brings to the band when they properly release new material and that. They sounded HUGE last night though

    Ago 15 2008, 11h04
  • thermoso

    My ears are still ringing from last night..

    Ago 15 2008, 14h23
  • tomret

    I enjoyed the frightened rabbit, especially the drummer who was insane. The twilight sad seemed rather repetitive to me. Each song ended with a wall of sound. That works as a bombastic beginning or ending of a show but loses its appeal if its the only skill available. When they left the stage and had the guitar keep on humming, that kind of summed it up to me. Apart from near deafness they didn't leave me with anything.

    Ago 21 2008, 14h09
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