Soft and Strong Like Cotton


Jun 9 2008, 16h08

Cassie Cottonsocks.

Get to know that name (that very cool name).

Cassie has recently uploaded 3 EPs to Amie Street, the very cool music site everyone should know about and use. Her page is here:

The three EPs are of differing styles:
  1. First Songs is acoustic guitar, some harmonies, a , and sound, with soulful lyrics and her wonderful, clear voice.
  2. Cottonsocks is and vocals in a tradition that will undoubtedly be compared to Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor and the like, but also reminds of Imogen Heap. Except Cassie's vocals makes it her own.
  3. You Don't Know What You Want progresses to a light sound with some Portishead-like techno influences on the first track and incorporates all that came before. Her vocals are perfect.

What impresses me most is not just that she has three differing styles but that she does each style so well. You would not know First Songs were her first songs. She sounds like she's been at this for years, with her major label sophomore release out of the way already.

This is a star in the making. Grab the music from AmieStreet while it is cheap, keep grabbing it when it isn't, it is worth every coin.

p.s. I hope she doesn't mind that I uploaded the pics from there to her page. Let me know, you know who, if she wants them gone and I will delete them. Also, if she would like, I can write up the wiki/description for her page also, but would need some basic info.


  • Bettyispretty

    What a fabulous (and of course very well deserved) review! I've just sent Miss Cottonsocks a link to this page!

    Jun 10 2008, 1h35
  • cathibruns

    Totally agreed. That girl is amazing. Huge talent and great music. MUCH SUCCESS!!!

    Jun 10 2008, 21h36
  • Joffi222

    Glad you agree, Cathi :) As Bettyispretty educated me in a shout, her previous band was Escher; only 4 songs available on AmieStreet, but worth checking out. Good enough that it makes me wonder they were not signed themselves before the solo stuff.

    Jun 10 2008, 21h59
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