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  • Alexokol

    Music from which country do you like?

    21 Dez 12h35 Responder
  • Alexokol

    hmm.. I don't even know what to offer. Well, I like Terminal Choice, Schwarzblut, ASP, Stillste Stund.. a Little Seelenkrank, :Wumpscut:. But I think you don't like it :D Anyways, I love German music.

    21 Dez 12h31 Responder
  • heraldize

    you're always nice to me :) hihihihiiii.... :)

    10 Dez 14h15 Responder
  • heraldize

    i am groot! :*

    9 Dez 14h52 Responder
  • yarik_karo4

    you mean Bateman :3

    6 Dez 21h45 Responder
  • Alexokol

    Vivaldi and Bach are very cool xD. Oh, ambient music I like too. Like the band Chaostar, and their favorite song "Misery's King", of course.. Still listen to Robert Rich, Burzum and Beherit. Do you like dark electro, darkwave?

    2 Dez 13h53 Responder
  • Alexokol

    Everything is simple. To the metal I listened to rock, industrial. But this music I got bored soon, I wanted diversity. I've tried a lot of music. But the music that was harder that I liked the most. I began to delve into this genre of music that now in addition to her not listening to almost nothing else. This happened recently.. This spring. So I have still to come lol

    2 Dez 13h16 Responder
  • Alexokol

    how long are you listening to black metal?

    29 Nov 13h16 Responder
  • Biarcoiris

    One of the best according to stats, but that doesn´t mean one is happy living here, we also have some of the highest depression rates and people live on happy pills. You can live good in Norway with a good salary, if you have a normal job like me you will struggle to make ends meet due to the very high costs of living. Living here is EXTREMELY expensive. I would much rather and hope to live in Scotland one day, been there and the people compared to Norwegians are at least way more open and friendly. America doesn´t seem too bad either, I wouldn´t mind California :) I also lived two years in Brazil and loved it.

    29 Nov 10h01 Responder
  • Instrumedley

    hello :)

    28 Nov 14h06 Responder
  • Alexokol

    wtf I don't know why, but I kind of answered you 3-4 days ago.. lol

    27 Nov 14h36 Responder
  • Alexokol

    The song "Lingering in an Imprint Haunti" favorite. Yes, the previous album is very strong too. Depressive black metal.. quite a bit! And why do you ask?

    27 Nov 14h32 Responder
  • KeIemvor

    You mean my favourite bands? Most of them are still in my overall charts here. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Death, Neurosis, Manilla Road, Voivod, Agalloch, Megadeth, Nevermore... I think those are the most important. And the only black metal band I ever really liked is Enslaved, if they can be counted as black metal.

    26 Nov 21h54 Responder
  • Biarcoiris

    Hey there :) Yes I live in Norway and it sucks living here, can´t wait to get out of here actually. I like some progressive bands, I currently don´t listen a lot to it but I had my progressive moments for sure. One of my faves are ELP (Carl Palmer is the best drummer) I like a lot of the 70s prog bands, the newer ones not so much, though some are good like Tool, Mastodon, Elder (stoner prog psych), The Mars Volta, Anciients +++.

    25 Nov 20h03 Responder
  • KeIemvor

    No I actually never liked power nor melodic death metal. I never really had a favourite subgenre, rather just favourite bands which came from many different styles, from classic heavy to death to progressive to doom to symphonic to thrash etc.

    25 Nov 11h42 Responder
  • KeIemvor

    Thanks I guess. I've actually mostly listened to metal until some years ago, funny how things can change haha.

    24 Nov 11h33 Responder
  • heraldize

    so the soundman was billy sheehan? omg... noo. lolll

    23 Nov 7h26 Responder
  • heraldize

    jaahahaaa... baby groooot, baby. loollll...

    23 Nov 7h22 Responder
  • heraldize

    i'm familiar with winery dogs' bassist. he alter bridge's soundman that we met on AB's concert? :o

    23 Nov 7h17 Responder
  • Alexokol

    loooool. It is listed on his page :D All the albums from Carach Angren wonderful. But in the album "Where the Corpses Sink Forever" six favorite songs. And you?

    21 Nov 14h33 Responder
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