March Update


Mar 9 2008, 0h10

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Update!

I would like to thank you for your continuous love and support. Because of you, My music is doing extremely well on charts accross the world. Im doing great in all the contest Ive entered. Thank you so much!

~Second Chances~ has been at 2 in the USA for the past two weeks! This is a site that plays most genres of music and plays songs according to requests!
Please keep on requesting it! Maybe It will get to the 1 spot!

Last month I entered a month long contest at For Singer/Songwriter . I entered ~Wish You Could Have Been Here~ I came in at 44 out of 751 entries! Again, That site is based on votes!
I have entered in the same contest this month and SO FAR in the country division, out of 335 entries, ~Restless Heart~ is at 18 and ~Second Chances~ is at 25 and ~The Stranger in Me~ is at 59 and ~It Looks Like Rain~ is at 80!!!

In The American/Alternitive Country division, out of 360 entries, ~Freedom~ is at 36 and ~I Cant Lie Anymore is at 117!

In the Singer/Songwriter Division, out of 905 entries, ~Wish You Could Have Been Here~ Is at 46 And ~Stumbling Back in time~ Is at 66!


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