A rant about the Top 40 most scrobbled...


Jan 6 2011, 21h49

It was an epic day for the facepalm and nosepinch.

Today, I just saw the top 40 most scrobbled on last.fm, and while I was very happy to see the Gorillaz place in the top 5, a gut-wrenching shock was waiting for me at #1.


You all chose - not an indie/hipster band (which I wouldn't enjoy either, but at least it would be understandable) - but a lukewarm pop singer who thinks Mick Jagger is attractive and is in desperate need of spelling and grammar lessons.

What happened? Did you just turn on last.fm radio, type in pop and let it run? Do you REALLY enjoy trashy pop? (Apparently the answer is yes; after all Katy Perry is in the top 40, too)

Ke$ha can't sing. Yes, I wrote it. I'll even say it. She can't sing; she tries, but in the end, the woman sounds like a buzzed party girl who's done a little too much cocaine.

This is depressing. If this is the state of music as of now, then I've grown decades old within a period of five years.

Kiddos, for the sake of music in general, give other genres and artists a chance - listen to them. I wonder if anyone of you were able to catch a song or two from some mid-east artists trying to break into the mainstream.

Okay, end of rant. Here's to a better Top 40 most scrobbled in 2011 - and the hope that music in general becomes deeper in meaning, thought and design this year.


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