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Nov 17 2010, 3h21

So I recently started collecting vinyl, and to date I've spent way too much money on the damn stuff. Here's a list of what I have and why I bought it.

Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute - My favorite album by my favorite band. This record never gets old, and I still jam out to it frequently.

Rise Against - Rise Against - Limited edition 7" that was released on Fat Wreck Chords. Oldschool-esque Rise Against. Only 1,010 of these were released on the marble red/white swirl vinyl, which I have.

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue - Preordered it the day after sales went up, got the limited edition clear blue vinyl. Only 500 of those in the world.

Defeater - Lost Ground - Fantastic EP from quite possibly my favorite hardcore band. I have the limited red/white/blue swirl double 7", only 500 of those were pressed.

At the Gates - Purgatory Unleashed - Live album from AtG's farewell tour. That's reason enough to buy it. I have the black/green split edition, only 100 of those pressed.

Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man - First deathcore album I liked. I have the yellow haze edition, only 200 of those pressed. - TRADED for Audioslave's Out of Exile and Rise Against's The Sufferer & the Witness.

Lantlôs - .neon - I was never too into black metal, but all of the other non-black influences in here really make this album something special. I heard a bit of this album on YouTube and decided to preorder this vinyl. 1 of 500.

Megadeth - Rust In Peace - Awesome album, and yes, THIS IS AN ORIGINAL 1990 ISSUE :D

Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction - Great album, and this is also an original pressing from when the album was first released. This one was pressed in Europe, and the sleeve old and battered to hell and back. Record still looks fine, though.

Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! - First Megadeth record, and an original pressing from the 80s in Europe. Had to get it as soon as I saw it.

Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place - Extremely powerful music, just had to get this on vinyl.

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier - Pleasantly surprised by this new Maiden album. So much so that I went out and bought the damn thing. It's a double LP picture disc! How rad is that?

The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth - Feelgood music right here.

Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic - I wanted something old and classic that I could really groove to. And this is a great record. Did I mention it's a first edition pressed in 1975?

Crime In Stereo - I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone - Instantly fell in love with this album, shame it's their last. I got the red/white marble swirl, 1/600. The black/red (out of 400) was sold out.

Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg - Very cool stuff here, just figured I'd buy it. Got the blue one, out of 600.

Alcest - Écailles de lune - One of my top releases for 2010. Just amazing. Got the picture disc, 1/500.

Defeater - Dear Father - 7" preorder containing two tracks from Defeater's upcoming full length, which is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Will be ordering that on vinyl too. Ordered the EP in green, it is currently unknown how much it is limited to.

Defeater - Travels - Debut album from Defeater, finally was able to find a first edition on eBay. So stoked.

2Pac - Better Dayz - Fantastic double album from one of my favorite rappers ever. It's a quadruple vinyl collection.

The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive - Heard about these guys when they offered this download for free on their site. Decided to give it a shot. Love at first listen, so I thought it was only right that I'd get this on vinyl.

Audioslave - Out of Exile - Still one of my favorite rock albums. I think this record is what really got me into harder rock when I was a kid.

Rise Against - The Sufferer & The Witness - I think this album is what got me properly into Rise Against. For that it deserves a place in my collection.

Polar Bear Club - The Redder, The Better - Great album, figured I might as well get it if I have Chasing Hamburg already. White vinyl, 1/400.

Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights - Preordered the deluxe LP package the day it went up. Finally got it, it's the 180 gram deluxe package with the gold labels. So stoked.

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light - Feels like 180 gram vinyl. Double LP gatefold package. Really enjoyed this album.

The Strokes - Angles - Great return from my one of my favorite feel-good bands.

Owen - Abandoned Bridges/I'm Always In Love 7" Single - Bought this on impulse. Owen is Michael Kinsella's solo project, and he played in American Football, so it must be good.

Rise Against - Join The Ranks - Special edition 7" containing Join the Ranks, Gethsemane, and Generation Lost. None of these songs have been released on vinyl before. Picture disc, art printed on the front and lyrics printed on the back. Limited to 1,000, exclusively released for Record Store Day 2011.

The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual - New TBDM album, need I say more? Nocturnal is one of the few metal albums that I used to love that I can still listen to occasionally. The new album sounds like it'll be great.

Touché Amoré - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me - New TA album, it's damn fantastic. Heard the leak, decided to jump on the vinyl before it was gone.

Les Discrets/Arctic Plateau - Split EP - I missed the chance to get LD's debut on vinyl, so I figured I'd start keeping up with them now. I know anything from them will be good.

Insomnium - One for Sorrow - About time they put something out on vinyl. Favorite metal band of all time. OF ALL TIME.

The Horrible Crowes - Elsie - Brian Fallon. Need I say more?

Burial - Burial - I could never get into dubstep so I never understood the hype around it. So I decided to investigate the roots of dubstep, and I found Burial. Completely changed my mind. - RETURNED because the disc skipped on the first track.

The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim - TGA are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands (only been listening since February and already 1,700+ plays) so I just had to get this. I plan on getting the rest of their albums eventually. It's a fifth pressing, completely clear vinyl from Hellbent.

Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride - New PBC album. Picked it up at Reckless before their free acoustic show they played. Great bunch of guys. It's red, but the pressing info hasn't been released yet.

Lantlôs - Agape - After being so impressed by their last album, I just had to get the new one. Cover art looks too good to pass up.

The Gaslight Anthem - Señor and the Queen [EP] - Some great material. Definitely some of the catchiest, danciest Gaslight songs ever written. Only downside is that it's spread out on 2 7" discs, so after each song you have to flip or change.

The Saddest Landscape/Pianos Become the Teeth - Split EP - Man, I don't think elaboration is necessary. Saw PBTT the other day, had to pick this up.

Touché Amoré/La Dispute - Searching For a Pulse/The Weight of the World - I fucking loooooooove La Dispute's half of this split. Picked this up at the same show.

Daft Punk - Discovery - A house classic, this album got me into electronic music.

The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang - I love this album. A lot of TGA fans don't, but I do. At first I thought it was okay, but man, this grew on me a lot over the last few months.

The Strokes - Is This It - The Strokes!

The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights - New TSL LP, heard a song and decided to put down my preorder. So stoked on it. Missed out on the pinwheel vinyl but I got the 180g black before it sold out. Hey, works for me.

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound - I'm squealing with excitement over this right now. I had no idea that SOD still had any of TGA's albums in stock, I feel like an idiot for ever buying off of ebay etc now.

American Football - American Football - The album that got me into emo. Such a good record.

Owen - Ghost Town - This is a really relaxing record. Kinsella is a genius. I spent lots of train rides napping to this album.

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto - I was never huge on Coldplay. I loved their singles but never bothered to get past them. But I heard a few songs from this album on the radio and really dug them, and then saw a live performance of one of their songs on TV. Decided to listen to the full album and I loved it. Just had to get it.

Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... - Preordered this bad boy because fuck it, LD are amazing. Really hope Fursy doesn't take the Neige route and start incorporating more black metal elements in this album, because I'd really like to play this album out loud.

Trash Talk - Awake - I'd been kinda ignoring hardcore for a little bit until I listened to Awake, and since then, I just can't quit. This is a second pressing, on black/gray swirl.

Zomby - Dedication - Really good album. Can't say much else. Also can't figure out why 30 minutes of music had to be spread out across two LPs, but okay.

Zomby - Nothing - EP - This EP is fantastic. And I love that it's a 12" EP at 45RPM. The packaging is neat, too. The sleeve and jacket are all plain flat white. The letters are embossed and out of the way. The disc is white with white labels. There isn't a drop of ink anywhere in the whole thing.

Alcest - Autre Temps - Didn't want to buy the full LP because I'd been blowing a lot of money, so I bought the single instead. Really cool transparent blue with an etching on the b-side.

Converge/Dropdead - Split - Well, why not?

Jack White - Love Interruption - I'm secretly a casual White Stripes fan. I don't listen to them as much as I should, but Jack White really is amazing.

Verse - Aggression - B9 pressing on white/orange. Looks so sick. Great modern hardcore album, helped in getting me into hardcore.

The Gaslight Anthem - 45 - Single 7"

The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten - There was no way in hell I wasn't getting this. Ended up getting the limited blue copy.

Prawn - Ships - Didn't have anything by Prawn, so I decided to get their new EP. Love this band.

The Saddest Landscape - The Sound of the Spectacle

The Saddest Landscape - Lift Your Burdens High for This Is Where We Cross

The Saddest Landscape - 2 7" limited flexi-discs

Birds in Row - You, Me, & the Violence

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To

Hightide Hotel - Porch Luck

Hightide Hotel - Nothing Was Missing, Except Me

The Postal Service - Give Up

The Black Keys - El Camino

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command

Burial - Truant / Rough Sleeper

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories - preordered

to be added: TSL ($60), Birds in Row ($16), Converge ($25), Hightide Hotel (11, 13) also, prawn cost 14, handwritten was 60 daft punk 35 atdi 41 burial 19 black keys 30 kind of blue 20 give up 18 old gray 7 frtyfve 12


  • Brown_Sound

    Your Aerosmith vinyl shout caught my eye and I thought I would say keep up the good work, with the vinyl collecting. If you like Toys in the Attic, then pick up a copy of Rocks, for sure. That was their peak album. Also be careful with these "first editions" from the 70's and 80's. My dad worked at Columbia Records pressing plants from 1960 to around 1989. The pressing numbers are more important with the 60's albums (i.e. The Beatles or The Stones). By the 70's, the sales were much, much higher, hence the quality control was not as good, Just a numbers thing, eh? Don't want ya getting burned. Good luck.

    Dez 5 2010, 12h19
  • acloudconnected

    So fucking jealous of American Football ;_;

    Dez 28 2011, 9h57
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