• Where was I and where am I heading?

    Ago 7 2012, 20h09

    Who can say for sure? After my communist endeavours left me burnt out and dependent on substances to keep me going, I struck up a love in Seattle, WA, USA. I quit my study and started working. This took too much energy and money from me as she was mentally ill and unemployable. She took much of her disease out on me. After my second Seattle stay of three months, our relationship ended rather unattractively, especially to my disadvantage, like the relationship itself had been in general.
    Ever since, I have been trying to find and keep jobs in the Netherlands, trying to be a better Muslim and person, praying my 5 prayers and trying to keep a roof above my head for an agreeable price and to stay in good contact with my parents. And listen to some good music as I do so.
    I don't have the time I had in my student days (in which I never studied). So I can't go after all the new and old but undiscovered tunes that strike my fancy. I just moved, too. I finally found an unprotected internet connection I can prey on 35-60% of the time at low connectivity with this ancient laptop I got from my.Mum alhamdoelillah when she got a new one. :)

    But rejoining will be good in helping me keep track of stuff my ears need to be carressed by; and the old friends I know from here.

    Hello again old snotgoblins and undercreepers.

    Your old mouldlurker friend is back.
  • Short hair

    Jan 22 2009, 22h21

    I have it now. First I had it cut shorter and then I had it cut shorterer.
    Only people that also exist on this side of the computer screen will get to see it, I'm afraid. Cause I can't find the lil' cable that I use to attach my mobile cellular telephone set to the personal automated calculator.

    Spent a lot of monies on this motherfucker (59,50 Euroes but I will declare it at my health insurance) so you better like it or I'm going to fucking kill you while listening to The Weepies.

    That is all.
  • See ya in three weeks or so!

    Jun 24 2008, 15h14

    Yesterday my internet connection died and from friday on I won't be around anymore at all. This because I'm going to Graspop and from there to picturesque Hulsel where I'm working and staying the next two weeks.

    Take care and see y'all in a bit!
  • So I made this music blog...

    Jun 4 2008, 23h09

    ... but this shit ain't gonna download itself. So please go -> here <- and help me make this world a tiny bit more tasteful place to live. I deliberately waited before posting this until I had a somewhat broad collection of stuff so you would have something to pick from immediately. Furthermore I upload new stuff somewhat daily, it's all looking quite slick and best of all; I write mini-reviews!! ^-^

    The bands I have already uploaded an album of are: The Softies, Lunar Aurora, Ashdautas, Benjamin Biolay, Mortifera, And Also The Trees, Gris (the Québécois one, that is), Falkenbach, Phil Ochs, Jefferson Airplane, Geist (the German one), Faith and the Muse, This Ascension, Paysage d'Hiver, Volxsturm, Broilers and Brigada Flores Magon -- and it's only going to be more. So much music, so little time!
  • hello peoples. ^-^

    Abr 30 2008, 0h19

    Yes, another profile, a REAL clean slate this time, and I hope to inhabit this one for quite some time to come. Re-familiarise yourself with many of the tried and tested staple artists from my previous profiles combined with my dedicated consumption of Ever More New Music.

    Last month I made a pretty penny so a few days ago I ordered a couple albums on the Instanet because I love them so. They are:

    Alcest - Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde
    Lunar Aurora - Mond
    Nagelfar - Virus West
    Nocternity - A Fallen Unicorn
    And as a reserve I put:
    Imperium Dekadenz - Dämmerung der Szenarien

    Yup. Rules.

    I also bought a ticket for Graspop Metal Meeting this year. Gonna be pretty neat!

    Must say I haven't felt this \m/metol\m/ in a long time.