The Cure: June 15, 2008


Jun 17 2008, 1h25

At the spur of the moment, I bought tickets for the rescheduled Cure show this weekend. The Cure is a band that I have loved for decades. I remember distinctly several occasions when Robert Smith and crew assisted me in getting through some of life's more challenging times, such as high school, juvenile crushes and the subsequent emotional torture, the army years, college, and my 20's. While The Cure has shifted line-ups and altered their sound numerous times over the years, they have remained consistently true to what I love about them>>>they wear their emotions on their sleeves.

So, I headed off to Target to make sure I had a clean black shirt to wear, made a playlist of my favorite Cure songs, and off to Gwinnett, where success lives! I was prepared to have my face rocked off, my shoes to be gazed upon, and I was even thinking about sticking my arms straight out to my side, closing my eyes, and acting like I am flying (Robert Smith's one dance move).

Overall, it was a tremendous show with The Cure banging out shoegzing and goth classics for nearly 3 hours. I was a little surprised at the crowd, though. First of all, the place was 1/2 full (maybe a result of the reschedule?). But most of all, it was the people who did attend that surprised me most. It could have been a James Taylor concert judging by the paunch ridden, hair challenged PTA meeting that showed up. Where were the goths? Where were the tortured youngsters? They have been replaced by Bulldog fans.

But, The Cure delivered and a good time was had by all, even the cougar a few rows over.

The setlist:

And yes, they really played this many fucking songs! The Cure does not call-in their shows, that's for sure.

underneath the stars
a strange day,
the walk
the end of the world
to wish
impossible things
pictures of you
fascination street
the perfect boy
from the edge of the deep green sea
sleep when i'm dead
doing the unstuck
in between days
just like heaven
the kyoto song
hot hot hot
the only one
charlotte sometimes
signal to noise
one hundred years
baby rag dog book

First Encore:
at night
play for today
a forest

Second Encore:
the lovecats
let's go to bed
close to me
why can't i be you?

Third Encore:
boys don't cry
10:15 saturday night
killing an arab

The Cure



    Great review - I saw them in June as well. Check out my journal on it! :)

    Jan 25 2009, 6h47
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