Mon 15 Feb 2010 – Imogen Heap


Fev 16 2010, 1h32

Mon 15 Feb – Imogen Heap

It was an awful, grey, rainy, cold and generally crappy day, and it took quite a while to get to the venue (the horribly maze-like but very pretty The Sage). The traffic was pretty bad (it was rush hour on a Monday evening after all) and the Sat nav took us to someone's house... xD We found our way by trial and error and hung around the venue for a while.

We got good spaces in the queue (ie, we pushed ;]) and waited. We sung songs and basically spouted random crap to kill time. We got told of 'a delay' of five minutes (LOL) and then after half an hour waiting, someone told us that Immi had posted on twitter that she had a bad throat and wouldn't be performing. A couple of minutes later someone put a notice near the door informing us that we would instead have a 'Q + A' session. Immi then came on loudspeaker herself to tell us.

Obviously, we went in, but around 100 people (three quarters) of the audience went and got refunds (miserable runts). In the end there would have been around 40 people going to see her.

Immi came on and introduced the supports to us, I had to crane my neck to see her I was that close!
The supports were really good! Back Ted N-Ted was enteratining and I enjoyed his set. He gained some fangirls early on and then went off to dance with them. :3 I high-fived him as he left. ;D

Tim Exile was more my cup of tea, he has the wicked joystick which he kept making innunendos about. :) He jumped into the crowd and it was really a great laugh. He and Ryan (Ted) then jammed together!

After the interval (we sadly lost our front centre space!) Immi came on and improvised on the piano and gave us the Q + A. She answered things about learning piano, the song Sleep (she even performed a segment of it! I felt very lucky), Jason Derulo ('I'm getting 50% [of the pay] so that's okay!'), Wait It Out and Just For Now. Her dad was in the audience and he contributed. :)

She then performed (very well for someone with a poorly voice... it was clear she was losing it by the end though) Canvas and Aha!.

She signed my Ellipse CD and we would've got a picture of her in her jammies, but the staff were being pushy. :/

Perhaps in the FREE CONCERT in the autumn for the 'ones who stayed' will have better results. That's right, Immi's giving us the first gig for free. :) What a star!

Really good night!