anti-cosmic metal of death arniecore atmospheric black metal atmospheric death metal aural apocalyptic chaos avant-garde black metal avant-garde metal bass best of 2015 black doom metal black metal blackened death metal bow down brutal death metal brutal deathcore brutal technical death metal buffalo death metal chernobyl death metal classic rock conentric power of annihilating armageddon wave that incinerates every atom in the… country dark ambient dark metal death metal deathcore deathgrind deathrash depressive black metal doom black metal egyptian themed death metal epic black metal epic fail experimental death metal extreme metal extreme progressive metal finnish finnish metal folk fuck flo funk fusion gothenburg metal grandma grind grindcore groove metal heavy metal hitler vomit rape ho-ly fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck horror metal i dont always beheld but when i do i prefer to beheld the fevers icelandic black metal industrial black metal instrumental jazz jazz fusion masterpiece melodic black metal melodic blackened death metal melodic death metal modern country noise norwegian black metal old school old school death metal old school swedish death metal oriental metal p-funk pagan black metal progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive deathcore progressive extreme metal progressive groove metal progressive metal progressive thrash metal rare rock seen live shit slam death metal slamming brutal death metal something that will shrink dickless pussies to worthless husks soul suicidal black metal swedish black metal symphonic black metal symphonic death metal symphonic technical death metal technical brutal death metal technical death metal technical melodic death metal the biggest music title needs the biggest tag so it does not sound like a good tag this is cryptopsy this is not cryptopsy this is not deathcore thrash fuckin metal thrash metal underrated usbm