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    Set 6 2008, 4h18

    Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first twenty songs and then talk about them.

    1. You Don't Love Me
    Well this track is kind of old, but to be honest it's one of my favourite from the Kooks. I think they're annoying now, but I was in love with them when the debut came out. Anyway great song. I love the part.. "All I see of when you're not so pretty".

    2. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
    This song is so sad. Every time I hear it a tear comes to my eye and I don't know why. Oasis IS my second favourite band and this song proves why. "Cause all of the stars have faded awaaay" Perfect.

    3. Death on the Stairs
    Best Libertines song. You have no idea how much I love them. This is what music is about. Expressing life through a song. Peter is a genius.

    Yes, Luke. I do want to go to the seaside. This was the first Kooks song I heard and I probably listened to it on repeat for days. Its only a minute but it's so beautiful. Every time I listen to it I imagine Noah and Allie from The Notebook on the seaside.

    I couldn't believe this was a Mando Diao song when I heard it. No singing. Just the "la dee dah" in the background. 7 minutes of pure brilliance. Great melody. The ending is great as well. Perfect for late nights.
  • Most played songs for March (More like: Most played Arctic Monkeys' Songs)

    Mar 22 2008, 22h05

    10. Arctic Monkeys-D is for Dangerous
    9. Arctic Monkeys-I bet you look good on the Dance floor
    8. Arctic Monkeys-The View From the Afternoon.
    7. Arctic Monkeys-A Certain Romance
    6. Patrick Wolf-The Libertine
    5. Arctic Monkeys-Do Me a Favour
    4. Arctic Monkeys-Only Ones Who Know
    3. Johnossi-Man Must Dance
    2. The Coral-Dreaming of You
    1. Oasis-Wonderwall