Free downloads on [Jazz/cabaret]


Jan 9 2010, 12h27

This entry was originally posted on 4th of Jan 2010, but got deleted by for unknown reason so here we go again...

Please note that the availability of free tracks for artists listed was accurate at the time the blog entry was posted, but that this may since have changed. Artists marked with an asterisk are new additions since my last update.

My other blog posts about free music available on can be found HERE.


Corrientes [acid jazz/chillout]

George Baranov [jazz]

The Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club [jazz/cabaret]

Itar Shameh [jazz]

Külalised [jazz/rap]

La Nef Des Fous [jazz/folk]

Michael Bowcut [jazz/electronic]

Mirko Fait [jazz/bossanova]

Plaistow [jazz/nu-jazz]

Shanghai Triad [cabaret]

VERA BAXTER [dark cabaret]

Xaviaro [electronic/nu-jazz]

Zootsings [jazz]



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