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Jan 9 2010, 11h23

This entry was originally posted on 4th of Jan 2010, but got deleted by for unknown reason so here we go again...

Please note that the availability of free tracks for artists listed was accurate at the time the blog entry was posted, but that this may since have changed. Artists marked with an asterisk are new additions since my last update.

My other blog posts about free music available on can be found HERE.


Andrew Duffell [indie rock]*

Andy Mitchell [indie rock]

Angelika Express [indie rock]

Banana Princess [indie rock]

Bang Gang [indie rock/elecronic]

Beat Radio [indie rock]*

Bell Etage [indie rock]*

Botany Bay [indie]

Brad Sucks [indie rock]

Bromheads Jacket [indie rock]

Brutha [indie rock]

The B-Side Project [indie rock/lo-fi]

Cancel The Astronauts [indie rock]

Charme Chulo [alternative rock/brazilian rock]

Cheap Mondays [indie rock]

Cody Robertson [indie rock]

Colours Run [indie rock]

Confrontiers [indie rock]

Covalent Bond [indie rock]*

Dear Henry Bliss [indie rock]

Delons [alternative rock]

Dot Dash [indie rock]

Duels [indie rock]

El Robot Bajo El Agua [indie rock]

En Ventura [indie rock]

Esthetic Education [indie rock]

Garden Grows [indie pop/indie rock]

Good Golly! It's Mr. Nick! [indie rock]

Gran Panico Sur [indie rock]

the green chair [indie rock]

Hallelujah The Hills [indie rock/lo-fi]

The Home Guard [indie rock]

Jack McKeever [indie rock]

Januarove prekvapenie [alternative rock]

Jay Trainer Band [acoustic rock/indie rock]

John Knight [indie rock/lo-fi]

The Joint Conspiracy [indie rock]

The Joy Formidable [indie rock]

Kate and After [indie rock]

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra [indie rock]

Knights International [indie rock]

Kroakers [stoner rock]

Language of Flowers [indie rock]

Lapko [alternative rock]

Little Neemo [indie rock]

Lokes Löss [alternative rock]

L.Stadt [alternative rock]

Mad at Gravity [alternative rock]

Mari! Mari! [indie rock]

Mersi Bowcos [indie rock]

The Milestone Corporation [indie rock]

Mrs. Ingram [garage rock]*

Muchy [alternative rock]

Mystery Jets [indie rock]

Nothink [alternative rock/hard rock]

Nozzle [alternative/alternative rock]

On Wave [alternative rock]

The Open Up and Bleeds [indie rock]

Pop Zavs FFF [indie rock]

The Punches [indie rock]

Radio Cambodia [alternative rock/screamo]

Rhyn [indie rock]

Robert Tunstall [indie/folk]*

Rotofobia [indie rock]*

Rubik [alternative rock/piano rock]

Ruja [progressive rock]

The Satellite Towns [indie rock]

Sean Wright [indie rock]

Sisters of Pleasure [indie rock]

Thrown to the Wolves [indie rock]

The Transisters [indie rock/new wave]

TheTrees [indie rock/rock]

Twin Sister [indie]

Voxtrot [indie rock]

wecollectskies [electronic/experimental rock]

Who Are These Men [indie rock]

Winterpills [indie]

The Winter Revolution [indie rock]*

Zardanadam [alternative rock]

Ночь Ошибок [indie rock]

| сИстра | [indie rock]*



  • arabhorse

    Hi Jefflim. Firstly, thanks for the mention in the free d/l section - much appreciated. Secondly, on behalf of all independent artists here, I'd like to thank you for compiling that list and making the effort to post it not once, but twice after it stupidly got deleted. It should be a feature of, but thank you anyway. You are a true music lover - thanks for helping to spread the wealth. Peace to you.

    Jan 19 2010, 3h36
  • arabhorse

    p.s., that was from me/my band, Kroakers. Again, appreciate the mention. BTW, any song of mine can be considered to be a free d/l; I just enabled a few because I'm really hoping someone likes at least one of my tracks enough to spend some dough on it, just as I hope for all independent artists here. However, if someone likes it enough, they can message me and I'll send them a quality version of anything in our catalogue. Thanx again, and take care...keep up the good work!

    Jan 19 2010, 3h38
  • HHelheim

    Fev 9 2010, 19h16
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