Free music on [electronic/idm/mashups/triphop]


Set 5 2009, 22h46

A Band Featuring Instruments [mashups]

adamsmith [ambient/electronic]

Aeterna [electronic/techno]

Alexander Wigger [electronic]

Amplive [triphop]

Audiac [electronic/krautrock]

audiobytes for autobots [electronic/mashups]

Baskyl [electronic]

Bassment [electronic]

Beta Bow [electronic]

C Behind 12 [electronica]

Cholostase [electronic/experimental]

Dasubot [electronic]

David Elsener [electronic/post-rock]

Dead Times [experimental/electronic]

Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts [electronica]

Deporitaz [electronic]

dMb Music [ambient/electronic]

Dzhem [idm]

Easter Egg [mashups]

Ekaros [dubstep/electronic]

El Vatican [ambient/electronic]

Escape From Wherever [electronic]

Existential Hero [folk/electronic]

Facial Vision [electronic/experimental]

The Galley of Chef M Mots [electronic]

Ganz De Ville [mashups]

Gasmask 71 [drum and bass/darkstep]

Grandpa Mojo [trip-hop]

The Grassy Knoll [trip-hop]

Hakki Takki [electronic]

halo effect [synthpop/electronic]

HealeyIsland [electronica/experimental rock]

Iso Brown [electronic]

Liquid Ham [electronic]

Locust Toybox [electronic]

Mamanet [triphop]

Marilyn Roxie [ambient/electronic]

m:cro10 [electronic]

mind_noise [electronic]

MMMF [electronic]

Molgam [electronic]

Mujuice [idm/electronic]

Mystification [drum and bass]

NINES (PL) [electronic/experimental]

NOBLE SAVAGE [electronic/psytrance]

Panda steps in chocolate [electronica]

Pilot of the Future [electronic]

Pixieguts [electronica]

Plush Concept [electronica]

Pogo [electronic/trip-hop]

RazorBeamz [electronic]

Silencide [electronica]

Soma Sonic [trip-hop]

Suzie Zuzek [electronic/experimental]

Timur Izhbulatov [electronic/instrumental]

Tinyfolk [folk/electronic]

Topless in the Turning Lane [electronic]

Transient [electronic/triphop]

Warforge [electronic]

Xaviaro [electronic/nu-jazz]

zalabim [electronic/psytrance]

0 Musicians [electronic/lounge]

СБПЧ Оркестр [experimental/idm]


  • MoogleFan

    Thanks for the inclusion! :D

    Set 6 2009, 1h53
  • MissViolettaB

    include me please! :D

    Set 6 2009, 13h05
  • Cholostase

    thx for adding me to your list

    Set 6 2009, 15h52
  • baskyl

    Ace list! Gotta discover so many more... thx 4 including Baskyl! :D

    Set 6 2009, 22h01
  • HealeyIsland

    Thanks for including me. :)

    Set 8 2009, 19h36
  • StevenRayMorris

    ohh awesome. Glad to be on such a fun list!

    Set 10 2009, 3h11
  • Pixieguts

    These kinds of projects are great for both listeners looking to find music outside the mainstream marketing campaigns and this helps independent artists, thank you!

    Set 11 2009, 4h17
  • annex-a

    Thanks for including el vatican. You're a wonderful human being.

    Set 16 2009, 0h16
  • daintyrecords

    + me!

    Out 15 2009, 15h52
  • kuramito


    Out 28 2009, 11h19
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