• My Music

    Mai 28 2012, 14h21

    My friend and I make music together under the name "If I Were a Robot".

    It's a mixture of styles, but we are currently working on an unnamed Electronica-ish 'mini-album' and an EP entitled "Death By Ferrets EP".

    DBF ep mostly consists of Modest Mouse, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Pat the Bunny, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass inspired music.

    Here is our soundcloud: Please go by there, listen to our music, and tell us what you think! Thanks.
  • Drake: A Halo: Reach Machinima

    Fev 15 2012, 0h13

    Hey come check this Halo: Reach Machinima. It's by a friend of mine and he will gladly appreciate the views, subs, likes and comments that this journal may bring.