• On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 5

    Ago 23 2011, 4h38

  • Timothy Nelson & The Infidels – “Sleeping Alone”

    Jun 13 2010, 4h27

    It’s undeniable that Timothy Nelson & the Infidels have a sound influenced by country music. There. I said it and it’s out in the open. Now get all of those possible misconceptions out of your system, because these guys are a bit different.

    Mixing folk, country, and rock, Timothy Nelson & The Infidels have been building up their fan base in Western Australia for a couple of years now. Timothy has two WAMi awards under his belt already, one of which is for “Sleeping Alone”. These guys are a solid act.

    But what about the song? Well, “Sleeping Alone” begins slowly with a bendy lead guitar line over a softly strummed acoustic, but once the full band kicks in, all sorts of musical textures come into play. For a song over 6 minutes long, has its highs and lows, and moves between them effortlessly.

    For a group so influenced by a genre I generally disregard, Timothy Nelson & The Infidels sure know their stuff. Lyrically strong and different from your average folk band, they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But with the guts to write they kind of music they want to, and with a debut LP on the way, this is gonna be a band to watch out for.

    Verdict: Positive.

    Listen to some of their stuff on their Myspace page.

    Also; grab what I understand will soon be an exclusive download of “Sleeping Alone”, HERE.
  • Goodnight Owl release the “Maps & Compasses” film clip!

    Jun 13 2010, 4h23

    The brilliant Aussie electro-folksters Goodnight Owl have premiered a new video clip! It’s for their single “Maps & Compasses”, from their debut self-titled EP. For a first clip, it’s pretty well made, and should be commended for being interesting and inventive. Check it out. If you’ve never heard of these guys you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Grab some of their tracks for free here and give them a listen while you’re at it. I feel these guys have the potential to move onto big things.
  • The Walk Ons – “We Did This On Purpose”

    Jun 13 2010, 4h19

    The Walk Ons radiate a confidence that, despite their easy-going rock sensibilities, feels raw and unrestrained. Their EP, “We Did This On Purpose”, feel anthemic, yet there are a couple of tracks that feel like they lag behind.

    The Walk Ons are without a doubt one of those “fun” bands. One of those bands where you can just imagine them having fun playing this stuff live. So after opener “Forget You” launches the EP into a brilliant start, to see it drop back a notch and let up in terms of pace is a small disappointment. Those agile lead guitar hooks just don’t return until “State of Affairs”, and they should probably have returned much earlier.

    Not to say that the songs on the EP are a disappointment in themselves, but after getting so excited and pumped up from an opening track, it takes a bit of adjustment.
    Luckily the EP does pick itself up in these respects. “State of Affairs” feels like it brings back this hooky energy, and closer “Ready to Leave” races to finish it all up, without feeling rushed.

    All up, it’s a solid EP, despite what seems like a drop in “fun factor” on a couple of tracks. A lot of bands try to expand their sound and move it about, and often fail at doing so. The Walk Ons stick to their guns, and it shows. Their brand of unashamedly fun rock is strong, and they know what they’re doing and where they’re going. I feel like if they just pick up the pace on a couple of songs, and refine their style, they’ll have nailed something special. And I’m more than sure that this will come with time.

    Verdict: Positive.

    Grab a free download of “Forget You” here.
  • Anyone up for some post-rock? #2

    Jun 13 2010, 4h11

    Unfortunately I’ve been incredibly busy lately, and On The Tune has been a bit neglected (as have the artists I’m working on reviews for – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten any of you!). But I figured I’d do this up quickly tonight. I need to get back into the swing of making the time to post.

    Cerulean Crayons is a one-man project by August Thomé, and I think his own words describe it fairly well:
    “Cerulean Crayons is a music project with ambient guitar sounds recorded in a lo-fi fashion with an abundance of overdubs and little cerebral direction. It’s very lowkey, borderline dull, and the preferred listening experience would be while trying to sleep or while reading a book.”

    I think “dull” sounds a bit harsh, but like some other post-rock it really can just be background music if you want. And it’s pretty good too.

    “_BATCH1” is a release of 10 tracks, and it’s available for free.

    August asked that I link you to Cerulean Crayon’s site: (Don’t view it in Google Chrome. Firefox works fine for me though.)

    You can download “_BATCH1” for free there.
  • Google deletes The Pop Cop… another blog gone.

    Jun 13 2010, 4h07

    You can read up on the full story here, but it appears, yet again, that Google have taken down another prominent music blog.

    What’s worse is that it appears that the author of The Pop Cop complied with all of Google’s take-down requests in a prompt manner, yet still got removed from their service.

    Here’s an excerpt from the full story:
    "Please email Google – – and demand that The Pop Cop blog gets reinstated so I can at least get three years of my life back and move the content elsewhere. If I don’t win this fight, I’m not sure I can bring myself to start from scratch."

    If we can give enough support and get this blog back up, or at least get the author a copy of their work, we’ll be doing the blogging community a great service. If you were in this situation, you’d want all the support you could get. Let’s let Google know how we feel and support a fellow music-blogger.

    A copy of my e-mail is as follows:
    "To whom it may concern,
    It’s come to my attention that Scottish music blog "The Pop Cop" has currently been removed from your Blogger service.
    According to your own terms and conditions, because The Pop Cop REMOVED all of the material which had complaints in a prompt manner, then those instances should NOT count as violations. As such, there should be no reason to remove The Pop Cop from your Blogger service.
    The Pop Cop was clearly a relevant and culturally important music blog, especially in the Scotland area. If you could reinstate The Pop Cop, or even provide the author with a copy of all of their work in a .xml format, it would help show that you have a degree of common sense in the face of unfair circumstances. The author complied with all of your take-down requests, and has done nothing wrong.
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Jeremy Stevens"

    You can also join the Facebook group to support The Pop Cop here.

    EDIT: The Pop Cop is back up. :)
  • Sensual Harassment – “Fever”

    Jun 13 2010, 3h46

    Listening to Sensual Harassment’s new single “Fever” is akin to visiting your local hypnotist for a quick session. You’ll get worked into a nice little trance but sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what just happened.

    I’m not trying to say “Fever” is forgettable. But it just doesn’t feel like the band makes the most of the hooks they introduce throughout the song. The continuous pulsing riff that lays underneath the majority of the track feels too distracting, and some of the clearer hooks that could be played around with more suffer as a consequence.
    That said, it has grown on me, to a certain degree. Psychedelic pop isn’t really my cup of tea. I don’t listen to it much either. So I guess my conclusion could be slightly narrow-minded. But all in all, it isn’t a bad effort. If you were to put this on at a party it’d probably go down a treat. Unless you’re at a party of boring, commercially-focused 14 year old Bieber-loving individuals who find it hard to open their minds to anything not fed to them through a straw.

    But if you’re at a party with normal people then, yes, this would be appropriate. I just can’t help but feel like if this song were put together slightly differently it wouldn’t all mesh together into 4 minutes and 23 seconds of something. Instead it could be 4 minutes and 23 seconds of something just a bit more.

    But by all means, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think too.

    Verdict: Average.

    Get the free download here. Check out “Daddy Long Legs” and “Soldier” while you’re there too.
  • Sleep Decade – “Spilt Ink EP”

    Mai 21 2010, 11h17

    Sleep Decade have a unique and “experimental” (in the loose sense of the term) take on indie rock. Their infusion of unconventional rhythms and layering, mixed with the comfortable and familiar elements of dramatic indie rock that other bands have already paved the way with, really sets them out there as a band that can keep you interested, without pushing your boundaries too far. Which is a good thing. Granted, there are artists that push musical boundaries and conventions a great deal, and some are amazing artists, but it’s refreshing to have something so different that’s so easy to enjoy.

    Casey Hartnett’s emotional lyrical content resonates easily without being complicated, and without being so obvious as to feel condescending or clichéd. One of the marks of a great lyricist is someone who can tread this fine line. Hartnett’s vocal style compliments the dramatic changes in the music itself. Moving between the emotional crackle of someone on the brink of tears, to biting frustration and longing, Hartnett’s vocal style is not only unique but fitting.

    All I Want” is a perfect example of Sleep Decade’s use of extreme and dynamic shifts in pace and tone. Beginning with only a guitar riff and Hartnett’s wavering and uncertain vocals, the song takes a turn around the 2 minute mark and launches into sections of racing percussion and vocal extremes.

    Spilt Ink” closes the EP, but its soft-spoken delicacy is both a blessing and a curse. It juxtaposes with “All I Want” nicely, and it’s contrast like this in EP’s which can really draw you into a band. But unlike the other songs it doesn’t feel like it has a musical progression. The acoustic guitar lines feel like they drag on, and even though the whole EP sounds like it’s had more heart and soul poured into it than you would expect, unfortunately “Spilt Ink” just doesn’t feel like it’s executed properly. It doesn’t hold interest like the other songs.

    This is a forward thinking band who set themselves apart from the pack, and I get the distinct feeling that they create their music on their own terms, and don’t pander to the whims of critics, or try to imitate the style of established bands.

    If I’ve drawn any conclusions about Sleep Decade, it’s that they do things differently. And when it pays off, it pays off very nicely. From the anthemic chorus of “All I Want” to the softly-spoken “Mexico On My Front Porch”, this EP is close to brilliant.

    Verdict: Positive.

    Grab some tracks off the EP here.
  • On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 2

    Mai 18 2010, 8h11

    Hey. Got another mixtape for you here. This time it’s a mixture of bands from a few countries. You’ll also notice I decided to begin and end it with songs from Phatchance. I don’t normally put two songs from the one artist on a mixtape, but I thought it seemed appropriate. They’re both really good.

    This one features a bit more hip-hop, some post-rock, some electronica, and some good ol’ fashioned indie-rock. One song has a particularly folky vibe, and another features a banjo! I’m hoping everyone can find something to enjoy in there.

    Thanks again to all the great artists for the free mp3’s, and don’t forget to spread the word about the mix! Oh. And lastly, for frequent updates on mixtapes and music news/reviews, become a fan of my Facebook page here. Happy listening!


    1. InkstainsPhatchance

    2. Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart ItselfMiniBoone

    3. Survival Guide For Forgetful FriendsThe Trivs

    4. Forget YouThe Walk Ons

    5. EasyOf the Red Sea

    6. ClementineWashington

    7. Sleeping AloneTimothy Nelson & the Infidels

    8. lone riderBang Bang Boss Kelly

    9. It’s Not A SecretMind Over Matter

    10. Go OutsideCults

    11. Why SufferCoptic Soldier & Miriam Waks

    12. FeverSensual Harassment

    13. Got No CharmThe Words

    14. Come HomeChase Nation

    15. One Day You Will Teach Me to Let Go of My FearsSleepmakeswaves

    16. Not Too OldThe Shiny Brights

    17. Mountain Of GlassPhatchance


    Size: 73.19 mb

    Don’t know how to unzip stuff? Download 7zip here.
    Don’t know which download link to click? I don’t know what .msi files are either. Do you use Windows? Try this one.

    By the way, all these tracks are offered up with permission from the artists and their management. It’s all completely legal. Just so you know.
  • Underworld – “Scribble”

    Mai 16 2010, 7h07

    Scribble” takes you on a pulsing race. It exudes sunshine, and though it feels too fast to make you want to dance (at least not without a smoke machine and lasers), it’s paced perfectly. It’s not intrusive. It’s not boring. It’s goddamn fun.

    The words "And it’s okay” repeat throughout, but (taking the quote out of context) let me tell you now: this song is more than okay. It’s brilliant.

    I’m well aware that this review is surprisingly short, but I don’t have time to analyse it in a manner which would more than likely be boring anyway.

    Verdict: Positive.

    Grab a free download from here. Just register with them and get the track, okay? It’s worth it.

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