--- epic --- <3 addictive all time favourite amazing cover anchor attention: lyric genius approaching boom pregnant brilliant endings and--or beginnings brings about memories can't stop listening constant reminder deliciously fucked up discovered lately and already in love with it eargasm even better than the original f-word awesome live version for some weird reason i love this song fucking good song gimme some drama baby good day music good ghosts from the past heartbreaking hi doctor i have an obsession that cannot be cured i could cry because this song is so awesome i feel some lack of words for so much awesomeness i love them oh my god i love them so much i might start screaming in unappropiate situations just because this song is so good i sometimes wonder if i am the only one who notices this small moment of brilliancy i think i am going to faint because of his sex i think i wanna marry that one :3 i want to replay it all the time i will always love that song - and every single version of it i will listen to this song until i hate it i will love this my entire life i wish i could love this track twice if you can die because a song makes you too happy then adieu includes a stunning part that never fails to amaze me inspiring instantly makes me love life jep this is how this band has to sound like live dreams love at first sound love love love this voice makes me happy makes me melt like butter in the sun makes me take the things so easy makes me wanna dance masterpiece matthew j helders the third baby maybe i will die laughing who knows meet me in my room late at night and you will hear this song much beloved banter music for waking up early and staying in bed oh my god it kills me oh so catchy pure passion and endless energy pushes me forward seen live and damn happy about it simply awesome singing along loud and proud so long already but too short still :33 some of the best lyrics ever some special love of mine somehow a damn sweet song songs played obsessively on repeat at some point songs that make life better songs that saved my life songs you can perfectly scream through the whole house special moments spelling like a boss stunning acoustic version sweet like sugar tha knows thanks you made me check out this great album there is just that one stunning part i wanna hear as loud as i can these melodies drive me insane they are so fucking cute this audience sends shivers down my spine this is a fucking guitar porn this is just some very fun song this just captures my attention and makes me press replay all the way :3 this song is so awesome just because of one phrase thoughtful and inspiring lyrics too good to be true too much perf-ness in a too short timespan used to hate this and boom now i am obsessed very emotional weird but pretty awesome welcome to my life what a quote what i listen to when i feel alone when i close my eyes i go insane who needs correct lyrics anyway will never ever be the same again wish i was there yeah yeah yeah you make me cry when i want to you make me feel you need fckin good headphones to realize the awesomeness of this song