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  • IAmMrDexB

    Thanks for accepting me! :)

    18 Mai 13h17 Responder
  • autorretratos

    Yes! If you know something interesting, feel free to share. I used to be such a little monster years ago. I feel kinda ashamed of it now.

    29 Abr 12h48 Responder
  • UselessBlond

    I guess it is ;D

    27 Abr 14h47 Responder
  • stephrodite

    it's MEDIUM you machupicchu! and if you'd listen to some good music (for recomendations go to my profil) it could be SUPER again. haha btw in shock i have noticed that you joined the tumblr train. ohhhhh john. que maaaaloooo

    13 Abr 12h55 Responder
  • UselessBlond

    I guess that's rare? :)

    1 Abr 17h35 Responder
  • RainyWoods

    Gosh John, I must agree with the gentleman HeavyMetallerz below me. You must be very butthurt by the fact that you do not have 150,544 plays of a single artist, that you don't have the time to listen to specially shortened versions of songs on repeat to get your face on the front page of one of the most spammed artists of Lastfm. I bet you wish you were that cool. Gosh, I wish I was that cool as well. I might put Nico's "The Marble Index" on constant rotation and go on holiday for a few months. Of course i'll go onto her Lastfm page from time to time to see how wonderful I look as the top listener. I'll feel so magnificently relevant and important. x

    1 Abr 1h09 Responder
  • HeavyMetallerz

    Butthurt here lel.

    31 Mar 23h41 Responder
  • autorretratos

    yes, Cersei slapping Joffrey

    31 Mar 17h50 Responder
  • RainyWoods

    Dear John, I would like to thank you for not only your kind words on Lastfm but also the beautifully handwritten letter I received from Dublin Mails Centre this morning. I love the Natterjack Toad stamp. John my friend, you are more than welcome. We are having an inspirational time together on Dark Souls. Josephine really is a brute force not to be reckoned with and Albert has his Miracles. Within the envelope I also received a grovelling apology from none other than Imelda. This would all be well and good if the apology was sincere. She apologises for her "cold, callous remark" but then goes on to write that she's "still smiling". To add further salt to my wound, there is a picture of Marble Index era Nico printed on the other side of the paper, folded in such a way that her appearance takes on that of a bug. Once again I find myself shocked and in a state of dismay. My Natterjack Toad stamp is keeping me going though. Warmest regards, Kai.

    29 Mar 14h23 Responder
  • baggerlicious

    Yo maan, i just added sum Loreena McKennitt to me libary:P Since she is ya most played artist i thought i should give it a try for a day just for the fun of it^.^

    11 Mar 22h34 Responder
  • ESEnergyDrink

    Hey. I remember you are a friend of Stephanie. Have you seen her? Since Skype/Messenger fuse, it played tricks on my user for so long I just made a new one, and today I was thinking of her. If you see her nowadays, could you ask her if she still wants to chat with me? :)

    11 Mar 14h50 Responder
  • XTheWitchX

    Don't you know who I think I am? I just finished listening to Evening of Light again for a second time... I don't even know what that song is. Lawns of Dawns is just as bad, maybe even worse? I might have to download her music... I don't know if I would like her other stuff though. Kai said I wouldn't. Do you agree with him?

    7 Mar 5h42 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    Deal! n.n I'm still trying to download UD tho :/ how do you want I send you the music?

    3 Mar 2h03 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    Really? owo I've found them by torrents! but with magnet links D: I can try to search them again, but if you want I could send you the album :B (Sadly, Unquiet Dreams I'm still downloading it 'cause the torrent got stucked at 67%, but I still have faith hahah)

    27 Fev 1h08 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    Hahahah yeeeeessss :c I tried to find a torrent, but it was basically impossible. I had luck tho, I've found "Belaich An' Dorain" and "Unquiet Dreams" :) I'll try to save money and buy that album :c And about the last thing you said, HELL YES. I had to fight her while I was looking for real Kate's music :c hahah. Do you know "London Grammar"?

    24 Fev 1h45 Responder
  • MadAzAHatter

    listening to Smoke Faries and thought, "i should recommend them to John"......... and what do you know, i already did!... nice to be thought of though isn't it??

    20 Fev 19h52 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    I heard Kate Price on youtube, and I0m trying to download her music now, she has a lovely voice! *o* I liked her (:

    20 Fev 3h35 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    Hahahah aww :) that's nice! She's absolutely incredible and unique! Every song has a different shade, we have a song for every mood. I love Loreena's music like 5 years ago too! But I started with Lullaby, from Elemental. Then I had a period thinking that Lady Of Shalott was my favorite song of her hahah. I'll hear Kate's music n.n In a first heard it's quite similar to Loreena's music :B

    17 Fev 5h56 Responder
  • Schonefreiheit

    Yeah, I tried to put it like "Schöne", but I couldn't :c Hahahaha I understand that feeling! I felt that way before, until realize that even I try to keep Loreena on my top listenings, I always hear Loreena when I'm not with the scrobbler, so I give up hahah Loreena is incomparable <3 How long ago know about Loreena's music?

    15 Fev 4h17 Responder
  • XTheWitchX

    As I was having that session, I just thought to myself, "I gotta get up in this gig GURL!". My latest plays are dedicated to the return of RuPaul's Drag Race. #SICKENING x

    14 Fev 19h17 Responder
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