My music year 2009 & my Top 20 songs / artists


Dez 24 2009, 8h18

2009 has been an exciting music year for me because - thanks to American Idol - I got to know about a new and amazing artist, Adam Lambert. I totally adore his voice and the way he sings and acts on stage. So no wonder I've mainly got Adam Lambert songs in my Top 20 of the year 2009.

No matter what my LastFM charts look like, I'd say my ultimate fave songs of the year are "Fever" and "For Your Entertainment" (Adam Lambert) and "Dancin' til dawn" (Lenny Kravitz). Most of the new songs and new artists from 2009 didn't impress me too much I must admit (well Lady Gaga is kinda cool though). So I actually haven't bought too many albums this year. My album of the year is Adam Lamberts fantastic debut album For Your Entertainment. Can't wait for the new Lenny Kravitz and Craig David albums and the Nickelback gig next year. I'm absolutely hoping for another Lenny, Kid Rock, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams gig. Now here are my 2009 LastFM music charts:

1. For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
2. Black or White - Adam Lambert
3. I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Adam Lambert
4. Mad World - Adam Lambert
5. Ring of Fire - Adam Lambert
6. Feeling Good - Adam Lambert
7. The Tracks of My Tears - Adam Lambert
8. Whole Lotta Love - Adam Lambert
9. One - Adam Lambert
10. If I Can't Have You - Adam Lambert
11. Slow Ride - Adam Lambert
12. Cryin' - Adam Lambert
13. A Change is Gonna Come - Adam Lambert
14. Dancin' til dawn - Lenny Kravitz
15. No Boundaries - Adam Lambert
16. 21st Century Man - Lovebugs
17. Rock N' Roll Jesus - Kid Rock
18. Fever - Adam Lambert
19. Kitty's Empire - Lovebugs
20. All Summer Long - Kid Rock

And my artists Top 20:
1. Adam Lambert
2. Lovebugs
3. Kid Rock
4. Lenny Kravitz
5. Bryan Adams
6. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta
7. Kylie Minogue
8. Bon Jovi
9. Nickelback
10. Robbie Williams
11. Metallica
12. U2
13. Reamonn
14. Maroon 5
15. The Rolling Stones
16. Craig David
17. Oasis
18. Puddle of Mudd
19. ZZ Top
20. Elton John


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