• Thoughts to DJ Vadim

    Set 26 2008, 11h02

    Last night DJ Vadim's partner, Yarah Bravo posted this to her MySpace page (which echos something Vad said earlier)

    Incredibly sad news, and hope he makes a speedy recovery

    ''Light a candle to navigate through the darkness...
    ...Child is art growing up is becoming an artist''

    I hope that you will understand that the only reason i am making this
    public, is because i believe in the power of the people!!
    And i believe in collective thought.
    If we all challenge our energy towards something we can make it happen.


    There is no easy way of sharing this with you...
    so i'll just go ahead and do it.

    Vadim has been diagnosed with Cancer!!!
    (If you would like to know more about it, please google it.
    As i do not want to delve into it here.
    The name is: Ocular Melanoma / choroidal melanoma and
    it is a very rare type of cancer)

    This has obviously been a shock for all of us.

    I hope everyday that i'll wake up and it's all been a bad dream...

    I can't help but feel anger and frustration, as it's so hard
    to accept that this has happened to such a good man!!!

    Not only someone so extremely talented!!!
    But someone so healthy, so young, so fit?
    Someone so kind, so loving, so funny?

    A friend of mine said to me the other day,
    ''Maybe this type of thing happens to the real good people, just
    because they are the ones who are strong enough to survive through
    something like this??''

    Yeah maybe?

    I still don't think it's fair.

    But whatever the reason may be.

    I know one thing....

    Vadim is a fighter!!
    He always pushes himself to the limit...

    And i will be there pushing for him when he can not.

    ALL my energy and presence is now channeled in Vadim's
    direction to help him get better!!

    He is by far one of the most incredible and inspiring people i know.
    And i am truly blessed to have met him!!!!

    And so is everyone who has ever been touched by his music and his presence!!!!!

    So many times has he had my back and lifted me up when i was down!
    And i wish now that we can all do the same for him!

    All i am asking from you, is to create a proactive boomerang
    ....WORLD WIDE and please pray for him! Help him heal!!

    Send him all your energy and love, and think intensely about him
    surviving, recovering and coming back stronger!!!

    Musically he has many more shows to rock, many more albums to finnish.
    And so many more adventures to go on...the world needs him!!

    Fuck..... i need him!!!

    Please take your time out to light him a candle and think
    about him in the most positive colorful light....starting NOW!!!
    Shower him wit LOVE!!!! Telepathically, spiritually, verbally...in which ever way!!!

    Cause we have the power to do so!!

    For the past few weeks i been trying my absolute hardest to get him the best
    treatment available. And making sure he is strong, spiritually, mentally and
    physically for whatever is ahead. I remain positive!!! And try to instill that positivity
    in him....daily!!!
    But right now there is not much more i can do. It is time to give him over to the doctors.

    (Physically, but not spiritually!!)

    He is in hospital now.
    And will have an operation tomorrow, (friday 26th of September 8am UK time) , i can not tell
    you exactly how long he will have to stay in hospital. But i hope not for too long.

    so....Friends & Family...

    Know this...we are powerful, our thoughts are powerful,
    so if we challenge our energy towards him when he is going
    through this chapter in his life.
    I know that our collective positive energy and light will help him through this!

    ...i know this might not have been the most eloquent letter
    i've written...but i was not entirely sure how to convey these news to
    you, so yeah i just wrote it the best i could considering the situation.

    Thank you for reading...

    - Yarah aka Captain Love Bubble"
  • The Cinematic Orachestra - To Build A Home/Breathe video

    Set 16 2008, 22h39

    You can watch a lo-res version of the brand new double length video for The Cinematic Orchestra's To Build a Home/Breathe here


    It's been done by http://www.uptheresolution.co.uk and you'll be able to watch the hi-res version on the TCO site towards the end of October.

    It's stunning, powerful and probably best not watched when you're feeling fragile
  • Exclusive Free Track : I Found My Danger (Kaitain Rework)

    Abr 25 2008, 12h16

    "Making more use of the original sample material, losing the vocal and beefing up the drums a little, it was a shame for this to go unheard, and as the sunshine starts to creep through, we thought we all deserved a little (or hefty) break.

    If you missed the original version, well, you should have been quicker (although to be fair they sold out before they went to the shops so you'd have had to be pretty quick), but there are still apparently some copies floating around discogs.com for reasonable money."

  • Keep Up! 001 Released

    Fev 11 2008, 0h07

    Keep Up! Records has finally arrived! After months of hard work at The White Horse and in the studio, we're proud to bring you two slices of dancefloor action from Tom Central and Lopez.

    Keep Up! 001 is released on Monday 4 February 2008 on super-limited 7" Vinyl and MP3 through Kudos Records Distribution. You can buy the physical product right here:
    as well as from all good record stores. With the MP3 download, you can buy both tracks for your iPod from iTunes as well as the best download sites on the net.

    Also check out the new site at
    http://keepup.co.uk for the new blog, upcoming gigs, charts and the ever popular podcast.
  • Justin Timberlake's Christmas Single

    Dez 24 2006, 15h21

    Justin Timberlake and the SNL team have a special present for you.

  • New Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home

    Dez 7 2006, 13h29

    Gilles Peterson played an exclusive track from the new Cinematic Orchestra album this morning on his Radio 1 Worldwide show. You can hear it by clicking here (it's about 45 minutes in)

    If you'd asked me who I thought that was without me knowing, there would be a long list of names before I got to the Cinematic Orchestra. My first guess would have been someone like Antony and the Johnsons.

    It's not a bad track, but it's pretty far away from what I was expecting, and my feelings towards it are a long way from how I felt when I first heard "All That You Give" after loving Motion.

    I imagine it'll do well outside of existing TCO fans, and that the Channel 4 montage makers will be rubbing their hands with glee.

    If the rest of the album (to be titled Ma Fleur) follows the same ilk I won't be disappointed, but I won't be stunned.
  • Elis Regina YouTube Video

    Dez 6 2006, 1h16

    Delicate and yet opinionated, the "little pepper" Elis Regina died in 1982 of an accidental drug overdose.

    While known for many other tracks, this live recording (which has twice been removed from youtube) captures pretty much everything I love about the tropicalia movement in Latin music.
  • Radiohead Marching Band Covers

    Dez 1 2006, 14h21

  • PS3 / Wii Owners

    Nov 17 2006, 0h46

    Not quite sure how to drag your attention into this post, but....

    What does Last.fm look like on your inbuilt browsers? (I know Wii users have to wait till the 19th to get Opera, so I'll wait for your comments).

    I asked the same about the DS Opera browser and got no response, but perhaps this will get more attention.

    I'll be picking my Wii up on the 8th of December, so I'll do my own tests then, but if you've got any feedback now, I'd be most interested.

    How much can you get out of Last.fm from your new consoles....
  • Amon Tobin - Foley Room, Teaser Pt.2

    Nov 13 2006, 17h32

    Out sometime next year, The Foley Room will be the result of Amon Tobin's world travelling, sample scrambling journey of the last couple of years. It promises to be as dark and beautiful as some of his previous work, but from what I've heard so far (and based on the blurb about the sample material), it could well be a deeper, more organic sound than past achievements.

    You can check out the previous trailer here,