• Five artists I got into because of Last.fm (Thanks Last.fm)

    Mar 18 2011, 18h32

    Almost five years ago Last.fm was recommended to me by a friend. Since I'm sorta in a mood to write about nothing in particular I thought "Why not pick a particular subject instead?". Witness the result. The following is hot, rough and unedited action. A little bit about five artists I got into because of Last.fm. They are arranged in no particular order. In the end I wont shut up about my own shit, yo.

    1. Rammstein
    Many years I was too cool to listen to Rammstein, I kinda had this opinion in my head that all their songs are boring techno/metal mashups with some deep voice vibrator up their asses. Judging from a few songs I heard. I never listened to an entire album of this, and I know that now, great band at that time. One sunny day, though, I listened to my Recommendation radio (back then it was still free all around the world, yay!) and on came Sonne. A song quite unlike what I believed Rammstein to sound like. And I liked it. But it still took me about a year to decide to hunt down all the Rammstein stuff. I listened to every album and loved them all. If it wasn't some serious rocking going on it was the lyrics, which can be moving, thought provoking, sometimes even clever of course some are dumb as well... And sometimes they just stir up shit. Because the music industry needs some serious stirring.

    2. Venetian Snares
    I just wished that stirring could be done by an artist as great as Aaron Funk. What kinda name is that anyway? Too cool to exist. Probably a pseudonym. But no, he's mostly active making music that fits in a genre which is apparently mostly enjoyed by people on the Internet. Because I have yet to find someone I know personally who likes this stuff. Or someone outside of his shoutbox on Last.fm. Rossz csillag alatt született was my gateway drug. I coincidentally stumbled across the artist page, saw the picture where he holds up one of his cats and thought "Gee, that must be a cool dude, let's listen to this shit". listened and was amazed. Back then, I believe, the whole album was streamable and I listened to it just like that. Before that I actually kinda looked down on electronic music (even though I did release some albums of my own at the time. HYPOCRISY). Now I'm intensely in love with a great portion of VSnares' albums.

    3. Explosions in the Sky
    Before I listened to my first Explosions in the Sky song I heard that name several times and thought "Whoa, that's a cool name for a rock band". But was kinda afraid it was just generic testosterone driven music about how awesome it his to ride a winged robot shark through an exploding sky while banging two busty blondes who moan in complete and ungenuine (not a word, I know, tell your teacher) ecstasy the moment they see something that might have a dick or at least a halfway phallic appendage. Those who listened to at least one of their songs know how completely wrong I was. It's good instrumental music that manages to build an incredible tension, mood, or whatever else is built in music. They made the only song that ever made me shed a tear (What Do You Go Home To?). That's quite an amazing feat considering the amount of music I listened to in my life.

    4. Nile
    After that, let's get the testosterone pumpin'. This is fucking metal, and while there are no songs featuring winged robot sharks it's the sheer amount of rocking that makes them surpass that. Imagine the fast growly sucky metal thing that everyone who's not into metal associates with metal whenever It's mentioned. Now remove the suck and add the awesome! What you get is Nile. While it is a fairly generic theme for a metal song Nile made one of the best end of the world and everything songs ever. The closing lines and music of Iskander Dhul Kharnon made me throw the horns and shake my head all metal like (headbanging they call it, I believe). Reading the liner notes reveals that the band actually does a lot of research for their lyrics. Sometimes that research was made years before they cared to make a song about it so it's safe to say the band has a great knowledge of and interest in the stuff they write songs about. They do all that while still making awesome technical rocking, often at speeds that should make the drummer's arms and feet fall off. Maybe he's a real life Spider Man, though. With two pairs of arms and legs each.

    5. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    A band which mostly make songs about love, peace, having a good time and the apocalypse. Their lyrics aren't limited to that, of course. But I found a good deal of their songs are just about that to varying degrees. They went from what they who like to label things call Death Metal, almost exclusively with harsh vocals to what they are now. Which mixes growls and screams with singing and, in one case, even rapping. And they make it work. Basically, they appear to be one of those bands who just do what they like. They often do some experimenting and explore the area beyond their designated "genre" And that's what makes a good band great in my book. To not imprison themselves in something they are 'supposed to be' according to someone.

    Don't read on if you don't want to hear me going on about my own music.

    12. Krachfabrik
    Last and definitely least I will shamelessly plug my own project, which came to life because of Last.fm. I mean, I might have still made those first few songs. But I probably wouldn't have published them if it weren't for Last.fm. And If I hadn't published the first four I might not even have made more. Even though no one encouraged me to continue making music. It was the thought that my stuff was out there, and maybe one day someone would listen to Heavy Metal Gunfight to find his ears shoot jets of blood afterwards. My most recent songs wont do that to you anymore, I'm afraid. I had to switch from my lo-fi recording technique to something more sophisticated because my neighbors complained about noise or something. Anyway, this probably sped up my ascension from a swamp of shit into an endless brown wasteland and further. All my stuff is free for download via Last.fm. My latest full album as well as the half-finished one I'm currently working on can be found on Bandcamp. Jamendo has the last two full releases.
  • And my sixth album is out.

    Ago 17 2010, 17h49

    Hey guys. I released the final track of my album of Krachfabrik, which I guess means the whole album is out now. And, oh, look. We already got a review.

    Editors Note: Mr. Kniebaum was found lying in his own urine on the floor of his office. he was commited to an asylum the next day. He hasn't talked to anyone since. The following is what was on his computer screen when he was found and must've been the last thing he wrote before he went crazy.

    I'm sitting here after listening to the latest release of an artist called Krachfabrik. The album's name is Klangverschmutzung which is German for Noise Pollution. Or so I've been told. It's a good summary of the album, really. Honest. I wasn't sure I should listen to this. Iroquois von Gaywilliardo, the reviewer of the last Krachfabrik album, committed suicide and blamed the album for taking his will to live.

    Now, I've read another review of Klangverschmutzung already, and the guy who wrote it seems to be fine as ever. So let's give this thing a spin, shall we?

    The album starts with "Erinnerungen eines Toten" Some bogus German words because the guy who made it is German. On the track itself I gotta say: This sucks! But it's not bad. Surprisingly. A bit boring but maybe this isn't a lost case yet, maybe not all is lost with Krachfabrik.

    Then "You cannot grasp the true form of this track." happens. What the hell? This must be the noise inside the head of a rape victim. I'm not trying to be controfunny here. It really IS that horrible. There's distortion all over the song and some creepy voice whispers inaudible stuff. And that's all I can say about that.

    By that point I was done, really. But "No, Nate" the album said, or so I imagined "This is not over yet, there are still ten songs left. On a related note: Fuck you!" On second thought it really might've been my editor who said that. "Where's my goddamned review you lazy piece of fuck" "I can't rush this boss, the last album by that guy killed Iroquois" "Do I look like I care?"

    Let's not delay the inevitable, then. The next song is called "The Rainbow Was Paul" It starts with some distorted chaotic Piano and then becomes a non-distorted considerably less chaotic Piano. After the previous track this is probably the best track ever. For a second there it almost looks like it's got a vibe a-goin'. It has, but when will it stop? All things end eventually. This song does a bit earlier, the Album later.

    "A:\matter of mind" I can imagine Mr. Krachfabrik cracking himself up on that. The song starts with that annoying high-pitched synth sound which won't go away for a while. And when it stops, for an instant, this song is actually enjoyable in a way. Of course something had to ruin it. The song has vocals. Growls or screams or whatever you call it. About some mindfucking business or whatever. Of course these kinds of growly vocals aren't everyone's cup of tea. Not mine. But I think this is objectively bad. Did he even try to make it sound good?

    Next on is "Total Eclipse Of The Art". Clever name, totally. The song is surprisingly un-horrible. That wasn't even a word a second ago, but I think this is the only way to adequately describe the music. It actually builds up and becomes more and more intense. Then some ass hits the music with an axe. What the hell?! How do you produce such a sound? The song resumes. After about 30 or so seconds (I didn't really check the time) another axe hits. Then another and another. And the song, of course, ends with a fucking axe to your head.

    After all this senseless destruction the calmer "Zerstoren" (with an umlaut above the o) is welcome and much appreciated. It's almost beautiful. Then the mood shifts. And then electric guitars come in. Luckily it doesn't really get super heavy and violent like the Total Eclipse. At the end he says some shit about Bob Ross, what the hell?

    And "Eng" starts. This track is nothing. Absolutely nothing. It doesn't sound good. It doesn't sound bad. I'm tempted to call this stuff the B-movie of music. I don't want to leave in the middle, but I probably won't see it again. Unless maybe if I'm watching TV on a weekday after midnight. Or perhaps if it's the only song left on earth after a horrible disaster.

    "Translucent". That would be the name of the next song. It starts slow and stays slow. This is the best track yet. "Just don't get your hopes up, he'll wreck it with an axe" I thought. I found myself in constant suspense. The tension was unbearable. I knew, any second now, something bad would happen to ruin this song. Like the other decent one. But it doesn't happen. I breathed I sigh of relief when the song ended. If you really wanna listen to a Krachfabrik song, listen to this. It's the least horrible.

    Leetspeak. Do you know what that is? It's some kind of internet thing. You replace some letters with numbers. E.g. an E can become a 3, a 4 can be either an A or an H. It's good to know this if you really wanna know what the next song's title means. "Death's d3874" Totally clever, genius. Starts with a high-pitched noise again. It also ends with that noise. Whenever that noise isn't so loud the song actually isn't bad. But you could expect the guy behind the music to have learned something from "Translucent". Instead there's more of that high-pitched shit.

    The next song on the album is called "Non-Euclidean Streets". And it's your brain on drugs. Or mine. Hell. There are various string instruments but they've been filtered so I can't say which one's which. Let's just never speak of this again, okay?

    Finally, it's almost over. Just two more songs. The first of those is "Truth is a Democracy". HAHAHAHAHAHA DUDE WHAT IS WITH YOUR CLEVER SONG TITLES HAHAHAHAHA. And it sounds like someone took a shit on the neck of a guitar and some poor fucker had to play it. I hear a trumpet also. I don't think someone shat in there, you couldn't hear the instrument if that were the case. The whole song builds a dark atmosphere. A dark brown atmosphere. It's like the guitar dude could clean his guitar after some time but he didn't have a pick left. You can guess which dried substance he used instead. The longer the song goes the more chaotic it becomes. I was about to just skip it when it settled down a bit. And, thank god, ended after another minute.

    Okay, almost. Just this one song then it's over. "THIS.DIE();" Honestly. This title scared me. I knew it was probably serious, so I turned down the volume a bit. The infernal spirits from hell can't get me If I only hear the sound of evil at half of its volume. Right? RIGHT!!? Why am I alone here? I can't enjoy this knowing it will kill me the moment I look away. Why the hell am I alone here again? I can't be dead already, can I?

    - Nathan Kniebaum, Lolling Stone

    Sooo, guys. You can stream and download Klangverschmutzung via Last.fm or Bandcamp
    After such a favorable review, what reason could you possibly have not to?
  • You know what's really cool about Lady Gaga?

    Abr 28 2010, 20h24

    Lady Gaga: She quotes directly from various Black Metal songs

    Bad Romance
    Rah Rah Rah Raahaah Rah Rah

    Rah Rah Rah Raahaah Rah Rah

    Bad Romance
    Rah ah Raaah ah raah raah

    Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus
    Rah ah Raaah ah raah raah

    There are more references, but I'm too tired to list them all.

    I gotta say, I didn't like her before, but now that I know where her inspiration is coming from I may be able to appreciate her music.

    But only the first album, 'cause it's the only kvlt one from before she sold out.
  • Krachfabrik: Mandatory post for my new FREE! shit album.

    Mar 8 2010, 18h55

    I'm lazy right now. I did a post for some forum but now I'm more in the mood to copypaste links. The album is less shitty then the others.

    Here you have a post that links you back to last.fm if you want to listen to single songs. You COULD download it zipped from there, though.

    Oh, and become a fan on facebook just for good measure.
  • Unmusik

    Jul 24 2009, 15h08

    It's been about time. Is what people said when InsaneGenius didn't release any songs for about two months. Those same people are now in shock again, as the fourth Krachfabrik album is now complete. Just like his previous efforts, the fourth record "Unmusik" features 12 tracks. This time the quality varies even more, because InsaneGenius stopped using his old recording methods when his neighbours complained it was too loud. That's why the last four tracks of the album were recorded directly from the audio stream of IGs computer. As compensation for the lack of lo-fi badness you can now hear various windows system sounds throughout the songs (actually it's just two times, the same sound, in the same song). Another thing this album has in common with its predecessors is that it is advertised as "sucking less". In this case an ass-whoopin' 15 %. That makes it 20 %, 5%, 15% so far. So Unmusik only sucks 64.6 % the (mind-boggingly high) amount of the first album. The only thing new is the increased use of soundfonts, which previously, could only be heard in some of the non-album tracks.

    01 Unhip Monkey Comparison - (Download)
    A song about how this is okay, but that is totally racist. At least that's one excuse for the song title.

    02 Panda Porno - (Download)
    Wait, why's this song called Panda Porno? I don't know, and I made that song.

    03 Ad Hominem - (Download)
    This song is part of my Anti-iTunes campaign. Basically I accuse the program of some bad things.

    04 Kakinga - (Download)
    If you don't know what Kakinga is you lack uh...
    Okay, it's salt sticks.

    05 Banishment / The End - (Download)
    Random apocalypse song parody. Just replace "You" with "Lucifer", "have been" with "has been", "banned" with "banished" and "from Last.fm" with "from Heaven". There. Then "You" comes back to wreck some shit. It makes less sense shortly after that...
    See also: The End / The End (The End)
    Also inspired by a certain wave of bans back in April.

    06 Motherfucking Gas Station Attendant - (Download)
    After my 1 and a half month long break, when I finished playing Persona 3 and 4 I made this song. It's called Motherfucking Gas Station Attendant for a reason. If you want to know the whole truth behind that, you'll have to reach out for it yourself.
    This song features a reference to my fan at the end.

    07 Antisocial Butterfly - (Download)
    Definitely the worst song on the album. I myself say so.
    It's not only so bad because it features improvised singing by me.
    This one again features a reference to my fan.

    08 Deus Ex Festival - (Download)
    I watched Code Geass R2 shortly before making that. I'm not sure if that is related to the song, though.

    09 Ode To My Fan (Ventilator bei Mondschein) - (Download)
    Finally, a song about my fan for real. Also the first song to be recorded directly from the audio stream. Ah, yes. My fan.

    10 Zugfahrt (MWS) - (Download)
    The mandatory weird song of the album. Called "Zugfahrt" which translates as "train ride"

    11 Baal Vokuhila - Bad Haircut Demon - (Download)
    Okay, so... this song. It's like... you meet some guy and he has a mullet and you're all like "HOLY SHIT IT'S A MULLET!". Then you talk to him a bit and you think "It's okay, it's just a haircut" but then it strikes you again "FUCK IT'S A MULLET" and you turn away to run, only to find a mirror and see it is already too late. You've been possessed by the bad haircut demon.
    This song's name is partially inspired by a strip of 8-bit theater.

    12 Facepalm 2 Headdesk - (Download)
    Sometimes the stupidity around you is just too much. This can't be real. So you use certain methods to see if this is really just a bad dream. But it never is.
  • Transcripts of intros to songs that feature chainsaws.

    Jul 16 2009, 19h07

    Slaughter On the Dancefloor
    "HAhaaa, Chainsaw Demon, Let's go Disco"
    "Yah, let's give 'em hell"
    "Sorry guys, we don't want any metal people in here"
    "What is this?"
    "What is this you fucker?"
    <Chainsaw Noises>
    "rAAAAAAAAAAAAH you motherfucker, you fucking bitches HAHAHA"
    <Screams by various people accompany the chainsaws>
    <girl starts screaming>
    "??? Speed Metal Satan"
    <More screaming>
    <Chainsaws still>
    "He's got a chainsaw"
    <song starts>

    Speed Metal Sentence
    "Has the Jury reached a verdict"
    "We have, your honor. We find Cranium guilty as charged"
    "Chainsaw Demon, there can only be one sentence for you: The electric chair"
    "Go ahead, it won't work on me."
    "As for Graveraper, I find his crimes just as serious: Death by hanging"
    "Whoa, I can't be killed, I'm to tough"
    "Necronudist on the other hand, we get a different sentence: Life imprisonment"
    "What?! You can't keep me locked up forever you motherfuckers"
    "That will be all, case dismissed"
    "Order, order in court, order in court!"
    <song starts>
    <several chainsaw noises throughout>

    King Of Killing
    "Ugh, Debauchery is so boring"
    "boring AC/CD"
    "So boring"
    "Sounds like Six Feet Under"
    "What is this? A AC/DC tribute?"
    <drum beat starts>
    "I'm a very important music critic, and a professional cock sucker and I just can't feel what these guys are doing"
    <chainsaws and screams>
    <chainsaw noise>
    <song starts>

    Let me know if you know any others.
  • Crimes Against Music... Here it goes again.

    Abr 12 2009, 12h11

    Holy Shit, it's the third fucking 12-Song set already.
    And it still doesn't seem like it's getting any good...
    And since I'm a sadist and a masochist it doesn't seem like I'm going to stop anytime soon.

    Love, Hate, Clouds.
    Inspired by this comic strip. Well...

    Kämpfende Kekse
    The name was inspired by this animation.
    Translated it means "Fighting Cookies"

    Deutschlehrer kackt auf Fensterbrett
    "German teacher shits on window sill" is what that title means.
    It is inspired by my personal speculations on a true story. At my old school someone decided to take a dump on the window sill in the toilet. I blamed it on the german teacher because he seemed to be upset the most about the affair.

    I don't know what to say about this one, I don't remember making it very clearly anymore.

    Das Ende des Zombie Knigge
    A new song in the "Zombie Knigge"-Saga started on the "Musik für Hörgeschädigte" Album.
    This song tells us about Zombie Knigge's demise.

    Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe (Poor Dog)
    One day I watched one of those "Hey, let's move to a foreign country with a crazy-ass-doomed-to-fail business idea even though we don't even understand their language"-show's, don't judge me.
    Anyway, that family moved to some african country, and for some reason their dog arrived two days late, so, to adequately greet the dog the only logical thing for both daughters, the mother and the father was to yell out the dogs name repeatedly, resulting in a storm of "Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe, phoebeohoebekeee".

    Ramblings Of A Drunken Madman
    Some guy once said that all of my posts seem like the ramblings of a drunken madman to him. This song is fairly tame because it features no rambling at all. But there's a version that contains rambling. Ramblings Of A Drunken Madman (WHAT?) Fuck, too much of it... even.

    Feed Me A Stray Cat!
    Inspired by the film "American Psycho".
    This song is about ATMs and homicidal behaviour.

    Disco Incarnate
    The first Krachfabrik track to incorporate vocals. Well... not really the first one.
    The sucky growly vocals tell us a story about how disco is unleashed upon us mere mortals and we can't do shit about it. This song is an open crime against metal.
    I also encourage you to check out The Love Dictators their music, unlike mine, doesn't suck. In fact it is some good catchy soviet flavored eurodance. I mean it, it's pretty good. It wont hurt to listen to one or two of the free tracks.

    Yeah, seriously, why didn't I already have a song about Tabasco.

    Mandatory Weird Song (Pomegranate)
    Alternate titles were:
    "Mario eats funny mushrooms"
    "Boners in Paradise"
    "Drugs are good for you"
    "Mandatory Weird Song featuring a Xylophone"
    The song features a xylophone. There has to be at least one song on each album featuring a xylophone.

    On The Third Day... Still Dead
    I made this song, and since easter was approaching I gave it an easter inspired name.
  • Krachfabrik: Second Album "Musik für Hörgeschädigte"

    Jan 28 2009, 20h16

    Musik für Hörgeschädigte (Music for the hearing impaired)

    It's been a little over a month since I released the first album of Krachfabrik I said it was bad... because it was. I said it sucks... because It did suck. That's why I am proud to inform you that this second album sucks approximately 20% less than the first one. Just like the first album (Look, mom! I made music!) this one has exactly twelve tracks. Yes, TWELVE tracks. Combined they are bout 40 minutes long this time, that's twice the length of a Slayer album. As for the style...
    most songs still consist of one melody repeated over and over in slight variations, but there's a bit more diversity here so maybe you'll be disappointed to find a song that doesn't follow that formula. I am sorry for this, but it's just so friggin hard to copy one measure and add one new instrument every few now and thens and accelerate the drum beat when the occasion arises.

    01 Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude
    This is the opener, It's a typical Krachfabrik song. There's fake guitars, fake drums fake everything. The title means "Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others is the best kind of pleasure"

    02 Johan is a name
    This song brings some new element to Krachfabrik, synthesized synth instruments. That's twice the synth the human mind can take. There's a pimped up, extended version of this song too, it's called Scenery For A Doomsday. The names for both of the songs were inspired by Naoki Urasawa's Manga "Monster".

    03 Lighthouse For The Blind, Houston, Texas 77019
    Yet another new element: A song that's NOT a SINGLE wall of unpleasant sound. Originally I wanted to call this song "This song is a pregnant bitch" But then I found that bottle of glass cleaner with the address mentioned in the actual song title written on it.

    04 7/10 (Gutter Ball)
    Basically it's an extended version of 7/10 (Nice Spare) which I wrote in my brother's room while watching a match him and my father had in Wii Bowling. And that fucking asshole I call my father managed to do a 7-10 Split throw. Asshole.

    05 Sucks to be a fountain these days
    Simple: I walked through town and saw the frozen fountain. It must suck to be a fountain these days... if it's cold.

    06 One With The Cosmos (#13)
    That's where I pretend to make music to reflect the perceived state of mind from a character out of Naoki Urasawa's "20th Century Boys". It even has some vocals. Wow, the second song inspired by one of Urasawa's manga. Read 20th Century Boys. Don't worry, it's safe, there aren't any transforming girls or guys who grow progressively more powerful and longer and blonder hair, just a plot that doesn't make much sense even if you read it a second time. But it's good. That's why I read it a second time. It's good trust me, you should read it. Also: Read Monster, makes more sense than 20th Century Boys even with your eyes closed.

    07 Why the fuck am I bleeding?
    Those are the three or four measures of music I had already in a song of the first album. I chose the title after the first question that popped into my head after I saw blood coming out of my finger.

    08 Mein Kopiergerät hat drei Einzüge (Drei Einzüge hat mein Kopiergerät)
    After a few detours from the usual Krachfabrik approach THIS happens.
    This song's melody is made to resemble the sound of the copy machine at my workplace. That's why this song's name means "My copy machine has three things where the paper goes in [don't know the proper term] (Three things where the paper goes in [don't know the proper term] has my copy machine)"

    09 Cacophony No. 12 - Parole italiane con google tradotto dal tedesco
    That song... probably the worst on the album. So bad, that's why it's called Cacophony...
    If you want to know what the italian means you should use google to translate it.

    Next comes the "Defiler Of Knigge" trilogy. It's a trilogy about the grimmest thing know to man... good manners and customs.

    10 Defiler Of Knigge Part I - Falsche Gabelhaltung
    The first song of the trilogy is about holding a fork incorrectly while eating. Whichever way is incorrect, I don't know.

    11 Defiler Of Knigge Part II - Fauxpas beim anstoßen
    This one rapidly moves the plot of the trilogy, it turns out that the incorrect holding of the fork summoned Adolph Freiherr Knigge back from the dead. Who is displeased by the misuse of his name on all kinds of books that he disinherits his own legacy and becomes the Defiler of Knigge. (In germany how-to books about manners and customs are generally known as "Knigge" named after Adolph Freiherr Knigge. But of course they weren't written by him)

    12 Defiler Of Knigge Part III - Gesundheit!
    The epic finale of the trilogy and the album. Adolph Freiherr Knigge says "Gesundheit!" ("Bless you") after someone sneezed. He then forces the guy who sneezed to thank him for saying "Gesundheit" (Which means he wishes him good health).
    Ooooh, such evil sends shivers down my spine.

    Next album "Crimes Against Music" to be released once it's done.
  • Krachfabrik - FIRST ALBUM: Look, mom! I made music!

    Dez 14 2008, 21h19


    The first amazing mediocre piss poor album of Krachfabrik is now completed and all 12 tracks are available for download via Last.fm!!!

    Here's my unbiased review of Look, mom! I made music!: It's super special awesome!!! (Can be considered a monument to the hate for music of all generations ever)

    Track 01: Hot Cross Buns
    A song written for Reunion Of Testicle
    It's supposed lyrics are widely known, but this version doesn't have any.

    Track 02: Army Of Bad Motherfuckers
    That is probably the second least sucky song I made.

    Track 03: Hornet (Hornet)
    A song about the struggles of a young man with hornets.

    Track 04: Heavy Metal Gunfight
    Fuck, is this a pneumatic hammer or something? A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
    I made that before I decided to release any shit. So that should be an excuse.

    Track 05: Rape the fucking burning dragon who is bleeding to death and gives you a cookie (Krachfabrik version)
    Those are the instrumentals for Rape The Fucking Burning Dragon Who Is Bleeding To Death And Gives You A Cookie (extreme garbage version). They don't sound as sucky as in the original version. Because the original version doesn't use them.

    Track 06: A ponyrape Moment In Time
    A song about the life and death of . I made this in 30 minutes. It's THAT good.

    Track 07: Boredom - An der Waffel
    The most boring song I've ever written.

    Track 08: Geiler Saft/Wahnsinns Watte
    You can find an english translation of the lyrics on the song's page. The only song by Krachfabrik with vocals.

    Track 09: Dream Turning To Nighmare. But I Like It That Way, Baby!
    Now, that's one that doesn't entirely suck.

    Track 10: I'm devoting a shrine to 4chan just so I can desecrate it
    A song on how I devote a shrine to 4chan for the sole purpose of desecrating it (basically desecrating a shrine to 4chan means to keep it tidy and free of memes)

    Track 11: Brohdwoaschdt (Krachfabrik Version)
    A song written for some lyrics written together with my brother, cousin and her friend. No singing in this one though. It's also a shortened version with most of the remaining vocal parts played by a piano. But still the longest song on the album (with only 5 something minutes) . The full version (7 something minutes) is also available Vocal parts played by a guitar.

    Track 12: 12
    1:38 long. An expression of how awesome the number 12 is by being the song most pleasant to your ears from this album.

    You should totally download and ENJOY all of these. Most of them are metal-ish. Some even say it doesn't suck entirely, but I don't believe them. Since it's all just midi files recorded via the mic of a headset (Instead of converting it or using direct sound output as the source for recording) the quality is also very bad.
    Usually I wouldn't recommend anyone listening to this, but since I released all of those tracks now you better listen to them and tag them with or

    Honestly, though: Read the artist description, most of the songs are just some experimenting.

    SECOND ALBUM: Musik für Hörgeschädigte (Music for the hearing impaired) to be released either in the future or not at all.
  • Stupid (read: super special awesome) comic strips made by me.

    Dez 13 2008, 20h32

    Some comic strips I made some time ago follow because I found them on my hdd

    01: In Yo Face

    This one was created as a parody of shitty comics. That's what I claim.

    02: Birds Of Prey

    I made that one after playing Ninja Gaiden on the NES. If you want to get the joke or something play the game yourself.

    03: Null und ein-zig Lila Luftballons

    I made this one when I acted was all depressed.
    Fun Fact: The sun there is not actually a sun, it's a sticker with a smiley face in front of the sun, don't ask what it's sticked to, but it's probably a glow in the dark one..