• Fuck You Crowd!

    Mai 21 2010, 7h17

    Tue 18 May – Caribou, Toro y Moi

    I should dwell on the fact that I came to show for Toro y Moi, who was great, and how Caribou really blew me away, not being familiar with his new album, but all I find myself thinking is that the crowd was the worst! I was stuck behind what I can only assume was a bunch of X-ed out hipster fucks who thought they were a lot funnier, cooler and sexier (some of you may no what I mean if you were unfortunate enough to be as close to their shittyness as I was) than they actually were. And I know that I shouldn't bring that kind of stuff into a good, professional review, but this isn't a good, professional review and those people sucked! I guess all I'm trying to do is put this out there and hope that one of those people reads it and realizes that when they act like a douche and scream "I'm sexy!" over the music, it ruins the show for everyone else.

    On to the actual review: Toro y Moi's live band was great! Some of the songs seemed a little rough around the edges, but they are probably still getting used to playing together, but other that a little roughness their set was great! I've become a pretty huge fan of his over the last few months, and his live performance was all I hoped i would be.

    Caribou was also really great! I have only been listening to him for a few days in preporation for the show, and I had purposefully decided to not get Swim until the show so that I would feel more motivated to get it on vinyl. I loved the songs he played from earlier works as well as the more dancy tracks off of Swim. His light show was also really great and complimented the music perfectly. I was also very impressed by his musical range as well as his mastery of all of he instruments he used.

    All and all, a really great show (other than some fuckers)!
  • Controle Me Like You Used too...

    Abr 17 2010, 5h33

    Thu 15 Apr – Yeasayer

    Okay, so, Warpaint is incredible. If you haven't heard them, imagine if 'Hail to the Thief' era Radiohead got it on with 'Godspeed You! Black Emperor' and had a female love child. Hawt.
    Yeasayer. What can I say. Perfect show. I boogied my ass off! A good time was had by all. I hung out for a while after the show and mingled with the bands a bit. They were all fucking down to earth. Especially Ira, what a cool guy! I feel bad for just about everybody at the show though, because you all left, and if you hadn't you would have gotten the chance to see Warpaint and Yeasyaer jam together for about half an hour, which was incedible!! Awesome show!
  • St. Vincent/Wildbirds & Peacedrums

    Fev 13 2010, 20h25

    Thu 11 Feb – St. Vincent, Wildbirds & Peacedrums

    What a great show! Wildbirds & Peacedrums were amazing! I had never heard of them before this show and was blown away buy them. As a friend of mine at the show said, "phat beats." If you liked their set I recommend their album The Snake. I got it at the show and it's great. And weren't they super fun to watch?

    St. Vincent's set was great as well! I was not too familiar with Actor, but am pretty familiar with Marry Me, and the songs she chose from both albums were great. I got Actor on Vinyl at the show, and was lucky enough to get Annie to sign it. All and all, great night.

    For video and pics of this show, and others visit this site:

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  • J. Tillman and friends!

    Dez 2 2009, 4h18

    Mon 30 Nov – J. Tillman and Pearly Gates Music

    What Laura Says Thinks And Feels is a pretty awful name, but the music was pretty good. The one thing that I didn't like about them was the white-soul-beat-boxing thing the singer was doing. I didn't get it. They were, however, the best local AZ band I have seen to date.

    I don't think the audience knew what to do with Pearly Gates Music; admittedly, neither did I. It was a one man acoustic set by Zach Tillman, Josh Tillman's younger brother, which consisted of mostly chorusless ramblings about herpes, Jesus, and gender disambiguation. The first song was shit in my opinion--it had no intrest for me at all, but as his set moved on I found myself liking it more and more. The last song sold me though. I bought his five song EP in the hopes that there is something on it as good as that song, and I believe it is on there, so win!

    J. Tillman was great! The whole band did a great job. Josh just has such a powerful and moving voice! To be honest I don't even know what else to say about it, it was great! At the end of the set he asked if anyone had any requests, but no one did. I found myself trying to think of some of my favorite songs of his, but he had played all of the ones that I really wanted to hear, and that's a good thing! Great show!
  • Santana Rules.

    Nov 30 2009, 3h50

  • Atlas Sound? More Like Atlas Wowed, Am I right guys?

    Nov 6 2009, 18h43

    Thu 5 Nov – Atlas Sound, Broadcast, The Selmanaires

    Other than the fact that the doors opened an hour and a half late, there really wasn't a bad thing about this show. The first band, The Selmanaires' set was really great. I thought their sound was pretty great; it's sort of a Deerhunter/Animal Collective/Post Rock mix which was pretty fun to see live.

    Atlas Sound, the show's headliner went on second (I assume he did this because of how late the show started and that there might have been people who needed to get going pretty soon). His set was really great! I have a hard time deciding what the highlight was: either the song "Attic Lights" or when Bradford invited a heckler on stage for some serious public reaming. To see a video of said reaming, here's a link to a video recorded by Shawn of ElectricMustache.com:

    Bradford Cox Destroys A Heckler At The End Of Altas Sound Show in Phoenix

    I guess you could call Broadcast the closing band, but that seems to carry a negative connotation and I don't mean it to because the part of their set that I saw was pretty incredible (it was getting late and I had to get going). Their light show really made it an performance. It was a series of black and white images that would warp and distort as they effected their music. It was pretty intense.

    All and all it was a very fun, but late night.
  • Regina Rules, 12 Year Olds Don't

    Nov 4 2009, 2h29

    Sun 1 Nov – Regina Spektor, Jupiter One

    I feel like I dwell on the negative a little too much in reviews, and that's something I should work on, but the crowd fucking sucked. Yes you, the crowd of 12 year old girls and high school drama nerds who have no idea what it means to be a good concert goer. When Jupiter One came out I had about 15 or 16 middle school girls inside my asshole (not literally) who started screaming like the Backstreet Boys just walked on stage.

    Jupiter One did put on a good show though. Their music isn't really my cup of tea; it's a little poppy for my tastes, but I could tell that they were having fun, and that the loved what they did, so that made it pretty enjoyable. Also, their lyrics were a little cliche (a personal pet peeve), but that hasn't stopped about 99% of the music industry.

    Regina was awesome! Her music is just so much damn fun! She's almost too cute to live! But the crowd got even more annoying and pushy during her set (screaming lyrics and burrowing deeper into my butt hole), so my girlfriend and I had to move out of our great spot (4 people away from the stage!) to the back in order to enjoy the show.

    All and all it was a fun show, almost ruined by kids too young to be set loose onto the world without supervision. I want to close this by saying the point of getting to a show early is to be close to the stage. If you are too short and too young to be able to see over people, come early, don't shove your way to the front when the lights go out. It's just not cool, and that's what we're all going for, right? To be cool?
  • Dirty Projectors = Incredible!

    Out 29 2009, 18h05

    Wed 28 Oct – Dirty Projectors, Golden Boots

    I am not that excited about Golden Boots. Their set was alright, but nothing that special. I got the impression that they thought they were a lot weirder then they were. Wacky hats and lab coats don't make your set any more fun, I'm just saying.

    Dirty Projectors, however, were brilliant. This was favorite concert this year. The group is just so tight and in tune with one another. I was very impressed. Brian Mcomber's drumming really blew me away; the fact that he could keep up with Longstreth's constantly changing tempo was really impressive. Also, Amber Coffman's ability to play guitar that technically while singing the way she does was crazy, which reminds me, the vocal hocketing was insane live! I can't even begin to tell you how blown away by this band I was. If and when they come to AZ again, I'm there!

    The standout songs in my mind were "Fucked for Life", "Two Doves", "Useful Chamber" and "Ascending Melody".

    After the show I got Dave Longstreth, Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle to sign my LP. I'm pretty stoked.
  • Bon Iver & Megafaun

    Set 30 2009, 17h46

    Tue 29 Sep – BON IVER

    A few weeks ago I called Mesa Arts to find out who was opening. I had heard of Megafaun before, but I had never heard anything by them so I downloaded Gather, Form & Fly and was not too impressed. It wasn't bad by any means, but it just didn't blow me away. Now, after seeing them live, I like it so much more! The were incredible! Their harmonies were perfect and the ambient, more experimental parts of their set really blew me away. I also really liked it when they unplugged their instruments and stepped away from the microphones and just sang out into the audience.

    Bon Iver was unbelievably good. I have been nervous that the backing band might not do the record justice, but I couldn't have been more wrong. My favorite parts of the set were "The Wolves (Act I And II)", "Re: Stacks", and the version of "Skinny Love" with all of the percussion parts was really interesting. In all honesty, I don't even know what else to say about it, it was just a rally great show! Both bands were perfect and the had a really good rapport with the audience. One of the best shows I've ever been to!

    Jun 20 2009, 4h10

    Thu 18 Jun – Wilco, Grizzly Bear

    I have been sooooo excited for this show for months! My girlfriend and I were supposed to go to the Grizzly Bear show at the Rialto and we were pretty upset when we found out that they were going to be opening for Wilco. Now, after the show, I am still pretty upset that they opened. WIlco is a great band and they did an excellent job of recreating their songs live. The songs sound almost identical to the album versions, which really impressed me (especially those smooth ass guitar solos), but Grizzly Bear's set was beautiful. I really wish that Grizzly Bear was headlining that show; it would have been so incredible.

    In regards to Wilco's performance: "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" was amazing. I also loved that Jeff Tweedy was talking to the heckler, and his rapport with the crowd was really fun. However, I feel like Wilco's music is fairly bland for the most part. They are very talented, but just not that special.

    In regards to Grizzly Bear's performance: Incredible. The highlights were "On a Neck, On a Spit", "Little Brother", "Two Weeks" and "While You Wait for the Others", the whole set was amazing though. The light show really worked with the tone of the music as well as gave a whole other element to the performance. I also really liked the fact that Ed Droste was signing merch during Wilco's set. He was a cool guy.

    So I guess all and all what I'm saying is that both bands were great, I just wanted a lot more Grizzly Bear and a bit less Wilco.