• Howard Jones Mod Club Toronto Tuesday October 12

    Out 13 2010, 3h58

    Tue 12 Oct – Howard Jones

    Fantastic Toronto show at the Mod Club. I was surprised that he went so heavy from his first 4 albums from the eighties as he has released around ten albums but only played one track from his 2005 album revolution of the heart and skipped the nineties completely. If you loved him in the eighties you would have loved this show. Here is the set list

    Pearl In The Shell (Human's Lib - 1984)
    You know I Love You... Don't You (One to One - 1986)
    Look Mama (Dream Into Action - 1985)
    Conditioning (Human's Lib - 1984)
    No One Is To Blame (Dream Into Action - 1985)
    Hide And Seek (Human's Lib - 1984)
    Just Look At You Now (Revolution Of The Heart - 2005)
    Equality (Human's Lib - 1984)
    Everlasting Love (Cross That Line - 1989)
    Like to Get to Know You Well (Dream Into Action - 1985)
    Things Can Only Get Better (Dream Into Action - 1985)

    What Is Love (Human's Lib - 1984)
    New Song(Human's Lib - 1984)