WVBU 90.5 FM Rivetopia Playlist 10/2/08


Out 9 2008, 3h05

Tune into Bucknell's WVBU 90.5 FM every Wednesday night/Thursday morning 12-2am!

KMFDM - Not In My Name
Schaft - Broken English
Sister Machine Gun - Loser
Collide - Dreamsleep
Die Form - Rain of Blood
Imperative Reaction - Only In My Mind
Velvet Acid Christ - Icon
Rammstein - Engel
Hanzel und Gretyl - Let The Planets Burn
The Cruxshadows - Birthday
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Devil Bunnies
Nine Inch Nails - Sunspots
Atari Teenage Riot - Into the Death
Deadstar Assembly - Pale Blue
Funker Vogt - This World
Hocico - Distorted Face
Laibach - Opus Dei
Lucia - Little Rose
Rob Zombie - Phantom stranger
Skinny Puppy - Hexonxonx
Static-X - Get to the Gone


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