5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2012 03 08--


Abr 4 2012, 5h55

coo yah, this was international women's day, so i planned the show accordingly. it's a way better show than usual.

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Landslide Song/The Dig - Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Buried With You - Agent Ribbons
Doubt - eskimeaux
Gimme A Slice - Sand Witches
Green One - Colleen Green
Home on the Range - Wisdom Tooth
Mysterious - The Splinters
Ratcatcher - Yellow Fever
Stand Next To Me - Bad Banana
Just One More Thing - Dear Nora
Lamp Party (Yeah!) - Sissies
Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout - Dum Dum Girls
Beatroot Blossom - Hjemmelavede
mnt and DEATH - Mega Bog
Nevermind - Fleabag
Secret Letters - Erin Tobey
Staring at the Sea - Birds fled from me
The Finest Friend - Nedelle
Trehorne Beach Song - Wetdog
What's Yer Fone Numbr - Chugga Chugga
New Face - Trash Kit
Bumbershoot - Dangerous Ponies
Elizabeth & Elizabeth - Hop Along, Queen Ansleis
Empty Bodies - Typical Hotties
Give Me Shapes - Grass Widow
Hard Living - Maryse smith
Tres - Neonates
Dreams - Somersault
Easy - Cara Beth Satalino
Eisenhower Is The Father - Best Friends Forever
I'll Come Around (bumbumbum) - married in berdichev!
Natural History - The Finches
kissing and telling - The Carrots
Hearts Squeeze - Eternal Summers
Nice To Come Home - Julie Doiron
What's Your Damage? - Heathers
Transplant - cool conductor
Balloons - Midtown Dickens
Try To Understand - Shelby Sifers
What I Don't Spend, I Lose - Diana Froley
Overprotective Mother - Little Red Car Wreck
Check Out The Maker - Scout Niblett
Biwa - Tara Jane O'Neil
Johnson R. Cool - Mika Miko
Don't Live With Your Lover or Love With Your Liver - Songs for Moms
The Fall Of The Skorts - Des Ark
You You You - Alak
What Goes Around - Jenny Jenkins
I Miss The Way You Draw Birds - Liz Isenberg
Sick Inside - Heavy Flow
Preteens - Arrah and the Ferns
With the Willows - Bad Braids
Toxic City - bloodsweep
Factories - Bad Heart Bull
Geography Lessons - joyride!
Boyfriend Application - Finally Punk
Moonbow - cloudbustrr
Friend Forever - glass cake
Ghosties - Hot Lava
Off Pudding - You Me & Us
Shed All Over - Yes Please
How Will You Know? - the boy who could fly


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