5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2011 12 08--


Jan 7 2012, 21h14

yes! had STONES IN FLOOD stop in and play. so great! it sounds a bit distorted at parts because the mic was hot, but it makes it sound all metal and like.

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Rage With Me, Andrew - Women's Basketball
Wet And Dripping - Aan
My Father - Art Sorority for Girls
Hey Hey Hey - Captain Chaos
Summercat - Billie the Vision & the Dancers
Baby The Lights Are Flashing Green - Aged Yummy
My Cloud - Masters Of The Hemisphere
Thanks, Knife - The Pizazz

LIVE: stones in flood

Terrence Tide - T.V. Coahran
Palm Full of Sexy - Adam Lipman
Silent Space - The Finishing School
Peacocks - Iji
Cancelled - Bingo Trappers
Frankenstein - The Galactic Heroes
Where Ever The Fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger's From - Foot Village
Test - Emily Powers
Coat Tails - Cars Can Be Blue
Almost Left My BF for His Casio - After-school Sports

The Vampires! - live!


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