5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2011 06 30--


Ago 6 2011, 21h24

okay hello welcome to summer. missed last week cause i was at the Plan-it-X FEST. that was really great. this show was cool too cause i was pretty much falling asleep the entire time. oh, and the last like 40 minutes got cut off, but i'll include the full playlist here anyway.

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Static Hearts 2 - Ghost Pants
Ice - My Feral Kin
Blue Light City - Golden Boots
Baby Bride Rag - ROAR
Bag's Ride - Little Wings
Venus - Velma and the Happy Campers
You Dont Know - The Babyskins
Bacaroo - High Llamas
Anuna - Picky Picnic
Germophobia - Boogdish
Drugstore (4.A.M.) - Long Long Long
Naked Dance - poo poodles
Say Dee La - Majestic
Giggles & Gloom - Blast Off Country Style
Temporary Hercules - Hercules
Nothing Feels Any Good At All - Alps of New South Wales
One Single Sheet - Funday Mornings
Theme From Jessbot 3000 - Doers
Colt'n'Cobra - The Badger King
Shake Your Booty or Die! - Totally Michael
Belly of the Cavern - Typhoon
Reprise - Gay Beast
Pins On Your Purse - Tut Tut
Love is For the Birds, Not the bees - The Spelling Bees
The Closer That I Come - Thanksgiving
When the Waves Are Low - Kung Fu Monkeys
Every Single Spring - Nedelle
Smorning - Rodney Alan Greenblat

The Beets - Live at a Generator Show in San Luis Obispo on May 30, 2011.


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