5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2010 03 11--


Mar 27 2010, 5h41

yes! had Hermit Thrushes from Philadelphia play live. they came through during the summer but i was away too, so i was stoked to see them! PLUS they're super nice dudes duh!

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I Want To Rock - Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club
Scabies In A Boxcar - The Mountain Yellers
Watertowers - Delay
Every Place is Home - Justin Vollmar
Ghost Science - Teeth Mountain
Liberty - James Rabbit
Snakes A Lot - Spelling Bee
Touchdown - Transformer Lootbag
Reginal Loves Allison - jerry riddle
Here To There - Lauren Elle
Footscrazy - Jehovas Fitness
Mission Mall - Tut Tut
Running Dry - Flowers From the Man Who Shot Your Cousin
Take a Look - Cause Co-Motion
Hraka - Finn Riggins
Setting Myself on Fire - Ed Banky's Car
Grids of California - The Awesomelies

LIVE: Hermit Thrushes

Well I Don't - Sunny Afternoon
Exotic Criminals - Elephant Micah
Dancing On The Ceiling - A Faulty Chromosome
Harlot - Ellie Fortune
I Didn't Do It For You - Alabaster Skeleton
Walls - Machéte
Sleep By Your Ghost - Friendship and the Fawn
Wheels On The Bus - Pangea


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