Late-night chillout playlist...


Fev 24 2007, 16h03


Morning Glory (Instrumental) (<--- Very, very, very, VERY, VERY rare song!)
Blow Your Mind
Didjital Vibrations
Talullah (Instrumental)
(^ No, that tracks exists on some promos, too!)
Deeper Underground (The Ummah Mix)
Space Cowboy
The Mirror Conspiracy (Yes, I totally love the whole album!)
Beside Brazil (Gotta love the saxophone solos!)
Mr Dope
Golden Lady
Mr. Boogie
Spend a Lifetime
Inner Love (Samba)
"Instalaçon Do Samba [Acoustic Version]", by Toco
The Girl Is Mine
Off the Wall
She's Out of My Life
I Can't Help It
(^I think the writer of this song, Stevie Wonder, did his own version of the song... I'm sure it's buried somewhere in my HDD under the piles of all the animated GIFs and whatnot. I'm also sure it's as good if not better than Michael's version)
The Lady in My Life
(AHA! Found it:)
I Can't Help It (UNCF '05)
Keep The Fires Burning
L'Arc En Ciel De Miles
Half the Man
Can't Get You Out of My Head
Interlude #3
My Romance
Highway Blues
(^Unforgettable one. I think everyone knows of this one...)

How do you like it? :)


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