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  • humannaturegirl

    it's ok thank u so much ..have a good day too :)

    7 Set 9h35 Responder
  • hippieschnitzel

    Hippieschnitzel groet hippiemans! xp

    28 Ago 15h15 Responder
  • VinceNet

    A possibility that is actually already real! A friend of mine can use his phone as a remote control for his tv/stereo, therefore it's not too far stretch to think you'll soon be able to control the oven, fridge or dishwasher with it :P Yeah, you don't know whatsapp? It's an application that lets you use wifi to send messages (like texts but also pictures etc), instead of the usual broadband (which you usually have to pay for). The ICM communities seem to encourage complete lists so it's a pretty reliable source, even if users based. I saw that survey, that's actually why I talked to you about the countries idea, because I had just been suggesting it on the survey :P I'm afraid it might not be feasible because it seems ICM doesn't have an entry for countries. Who knows though, they're planning on changing it around quite a bit, we might get surprises :)

    19 Ago 14h52 Responder
  • VinceNet

    I always joke that the next phones will probably prepare and bake pizza :D Who knows, if you take into account all the applications they're making up there's really not much a phone doesn't do anymore! I rarely use internet on my phone, I just use wifi when there's one around to use whatsapp to get free texts :) Haha it sounds like something we could actually do, quoting films on the Seine sounds like me :P Kurosawa's films between 48 and 65 are almost all amazing, the few pre- and during WWII aren't that good, understandably maybe. Ah yes, I've never understood why anyone would publish a list of the things they've seen, they can see that on the website anyway! That's pretty useless. Sometimes it's hard to make distinctions though, say if you want to check out movies you've seen by Clint Eastwood you'll usually have the ones he acted in as well... one thing I miss is being able to see how many movies I've seen per countries... and maybe see how many countries I've seen films from :)

    18 Ago 16h27 Responder
  • VinceNet

    It was a cool time when phones were actually principally used to phone :P I have to say I don't phone much so my smartphone has become more of a way to text, it's slightly easier than on my old Nokia but it's not that big of a change in the end. I do understand why some people ask for a return to more simpler phones though, sometimes you get lost in all the options. I personally keep it to a bare minimum so there's no trouble. Haha, I haven't ever visited Paris and I must live just about the same distance than you do :) The director I've seen seen the most films by is the japanese Akira Kurosawa, with 30 out of 32 films. I think second is David Cronenberg with 16 and then there's a plethora of famous directors that I've seen around 10 movies of Hitch, Huston for the classics. Ahhh iCM sure makes it easy to check those stats :D

    18 Ago 14h46 Responder
  • VinceNet

    I totally get what you mean with the smartphone issues, I've only converted recently, last year, after using my old nokia for over 10 years... I was left with no choice but buy something new as the battery wasn't even enough to send one text :P I have to say I like my smartphone overall, but it was a lot more straightforward to do anything on the old phone! Haha, I happen to be a good stalker, I just hope that doesn't creep anyone out :P Sweet wines are really good, my knowledge is usually limited to South Western France as that's where my parents took me for all my holidays as a child. I hear Spanish wines are getting better and better but I don't know the one you mentionned :) Rope is definitely on my watchlist, I don't think I can go wrong with Hitch anyhow ;)

    17 Ago 21h20 Responder
  • VinceNet

    Sorry for the total shoutbox spam, but I was checking your tumblr, and you have Monbazillac as your favorite drink, you sure know what's good when it comes to (sweet) wines! :D I'll be drinking a sweet Jurançon tonight :)

    17 Ago 19h35 Responder
  • VinceNet

    In a way, the smallest pieces of paper always end up having the biggest influences on our lives... whether they are passports, diplomas or money bills! We're living in the age of papers :) It's funny this hasn't been used to name our era, after the age of stone and and age of bronze! You have enough time ahead of you to worry about what job you'll get, you should see it more as opportunities that will present themselves to you rather than worries to start having right now! I'm only at 11 Hitch films right now, sure have some catching up to do ;)

    17 Ago 19h32 Responder
  • VinceNet

    A diploma sure can't hurt, I don't know if it's so much the actual paper or the knowledge that you've studied what you're applying for, the confidence it brings that's more important. My father has had back issues so I help out carrying stuff around or doing deliveries, we sell wood care products. It does leave me quite a bit of time to watch movies though :P I'm also trying to write random stuff on the side, keeps me busy :) I've added cul-de-sac to my watchlist, it seems the one I'd be most interested in seeing for now. I have watched Strangers on a Train indeed, amazing film. I need to work on the Hitchcock list some day ;)

    17 Ago 15h50 Responder
  • VinceNet

    I can't really say how it's affected my chances of getting a job, it probably has in a way, but soon after I dropped out I started helping out with the family business and I'm still doing that so it prevented me from facing the jobs market. Hehe I saw that on your icheckmovies! I hope you enjoyed it. What about you? Any good movies discovered since we last spoke?

    17 Ago 12h19 Responder
  • VinceNet

    You sure may ask ;) I studied Law, but I didn't finish so I'm a college dropout :) Haha, it would be nice to know what our grandchildren will have to say about languages globalisation. Who knows what primary language they'd even speak :) I've heard of Tombstone but wasn't sure what to think as it's more recent. Val Kilmer isn't always good, but when he is, he really is. I was so surprised with his performance in The Doors! Tombstone is the same story used in Gunfight at O.K. Corral I assume? I liked it, both Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster were great

    16 Ago 17h05 Responder
  • VinceNet

    Haha it's the case of people knowing a bit of everything but aren't really good at anything. (That actually sounds a lot like me :P) Maybe we'll discuss the chinese as a global language thing again in 10 years and see how it evolved, but since English is still in full expansion I'm not too worried about having to learn chinese. I wouldn't mind waking up one day and knowing it though, but learning it sounds like a tough task :P I've been watching some classics, as I said catching up on a few good Westerns, mostly with John Wayne... Amongst the one that really deserve a mention are The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Rio Bravo and Stagecoach. In the film noir department, I loved Born to Kill with Claire Trevor. I laughed my head off watching the horror sequel Dod Sno 2. I enjoyed the Australian adventure of (the lovely) Mia Wasikowska and her camels in Tracks... and worth mentionning also is the very noir Korean movie Hanyo (The Housemaid). This resumes a few months of films in little word

    16 Ago 14h30 Responder
  • VinceNet

    Haha, they might be trying to make scientifical translators! Or translating scientists :P No, you're right it doesn't make much sense unless you take it for granted that young people can't make choice that they'll want to stick with. Chinese does have the most native speakers but it's not much learnt as a second language (English and to a lesser extent French, Hindi are much more common). Chinese doesn't enjoy the widespread of English (although the fact that it's been enjoyed through colonisation might be a problem?!) and the alphabet... I don't know, it's interesting to see what makes a language more easily picked up as a common mean of exchange. It used to be Latin! As you said, it also relies on having a certain culture shared... Chinese is not there yet, but English probably wasn't 500 years ago. If Chinese becomes more global it won't happen overnight. Haha, I thought it would be something by Pagnol, it can't really be done in a normal french accent :)

    16 Ago 1h17 Responder
  • VinceNet

    I like the way you phrase it "students that are mediocre at everything", it's pretty much what a lack of specialization does... It allows for wide choices of what one wants to do but it's not that good otherwise. I do believe Chinese is a very important language and might take over as a lingua franca, it definitely has the sheer numbers. What it lacks is an easy accessibility, there are no languages that are that close to Mandarin. The roman alphabet is shared for English and a lot of other languages which helps a lot... Learning chinese has this big step at first, there's not much of a learning curve like there could be with most other languages.. so I don't know, it's possible. I know what you mean, some accents are pretty tough and that goes for French too. If you watch any films inspired by the work of Marcel Pagnol, it's very Southern France based and the accent's pretty heavy! We do say septante and nonante indeed, it's one thing we like to share with Belgians :D (and beers)

    15 Ago 21h27 Responder
  • VinceNet

    Thank you for clearing out the Dutch/Flemish question I had, it makes sense. It's the same for us with French, we can pretty much understand all the others but some accents are heavier (Quebec French is probably the toughest)... In fact, I think Swiss French is closer to Belgian French because of the way we count. I should really check out some French classics, I've always wanted to check out Les Tontons Flingueurs and Les Barbouzes, I might start here :)

    15 Ago 16h32 Responder
  • VinceNet

    It's true they tend to generalize education. It offers a wider range of things to learn but it also sends the message that young adults can't really make decisions for themselves so we better offer various things and have them pick what they like later... Instead of before when they were making you choose earlier, although it was reducing your possible outcomes it was giving you more time to study the things you enjoy. I am not sure what is exactly the best solution. It's true that English has taken over as the global language, I'm quite thankful for that. English is more simple to get a basic beginner level in than most other language... at least I feel like it. mastering it is an entirely different task though :) Ah you learnt English from watching television as a child, you see that's one of the best reason to not go for dubbed shows/tv. Here, well most of our channels are from France anyway, everything is dubbed and it reduces the exposure one can get from other languages.

    15 Ago 16h29 Responder
  • VinceNet

    The first language I learnt after French was German and I studied for all my schooling years, I can't say that I'm fluent in it though, I can usually understand and read it but that's it. It doesn't help either that in the German-speaking part of Switzerland they speak Swiss-German which is quite different than normal German. As for English I had a few years of it but roaming the internet and watching movies helped me with it, fluency? Maybe, I still don't have that many possibilities to actually speak it, but I think I'm finally comfortable with it. I have an interest in languages I have to admit! Also, if you allow my ignorant questions, how mutually intelligible are Dutch and Flemish? Is it mostly like an accent or there's more to it? Thanks for baring with me here :P

    15 Ago 13h28 Responder
  • VinceNet

    Ahhh, I didn't know Kirk Douglas and Lauren Bacall had a movie together, have you seen it? It seems quite music oriented... It's by Michael Curtiz, so I'm tempted to get it :) Yes, I've seen Paths of Glory it's absolutely amazing! There are so many films about world war 2 but it seems like a rarity to see films on world war 1 and Paths of Glory embodies the whole horror and human side... I really loved it! It's a shame my knowledge of French Cinema is so little, but I was exposed to so many bad french comedies growing up that I didnt really watch that many afterwards. As for Belgian education, maybe at the time of your father's, they were learning English later than French and now they might prioritize English at the expense of French? The three Swiss official languages are German, French and Italian. We start learning another (after the one from the region) early, before English... I know in my time we'd only start English around 15 but now it's much earlier.

    15 Ago 13h23 Responder
  • VinceNet

    There are so many Bacall's films I need to see, you're ahead of me ;) Ah well! I didn't know I was a fan of Kirk Douglas either! Haha, I've just seen him popping out a lot in film noir and he's just terrific, Out of the Past for example. (Gotta love Robert Mitchum as well!), plus Douglas lived to make great movies after the B/W era. I loved Rio Bravo, I'm trying to catch up on Westerns I'm also a bit behind on it! I don't think I've seen anything with Dorléac but I've followed you enough to see gorgeous pictures of her ;) Sadly, my knowledge of French cinema is quite bad.... Randomly now the one that pops in my head is Le Salaire de la Peur. La Grande Illusion maybe in second. It's good to know you can follow a french film without subtitle, that shows Belgian education is doing a good job on that... I can't really follow a movie in Swiss German :P

    15 Ago 0h39 Responder
  • VinceNet

    I have been following your interest in Catherine Deneuve develop, she was so utterly beautiful. I haven't seen many movies but she still the shows everytime, even if I don't think the film is very good (as in Belle de Jour for example). It led you to develop a certain interest in French Cinema of the 60's it seems :)

    14 Ago 22h39 Responder
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