• Green Day, Please come to Dubai <3

    Abr 3 2010, 21h23

    Ok so right now, me and @TheMadHamda_MCR @SawGreenDayLive & @st_Jimmay are trying to get #GreenDayinDubai in the TT's *fingers crossed it gets there* >>Somedays it IS worth TRYING! I get so sick of crying T_T #GreenDayinDubai @GreenDay<< thats what im writing now.. until Twiter stops me :/ oh well! Gotta finish my mission.. I'm not going to bed untill I tweet atleast 100 tweets including #GreenDayinDubai + I'll get to 10,000 tweets :D
  • Spring Break! =]

    Abr 2 2010, 18h07

    Ok.. So I'm not really good at keeping journals and stuff, and I'm pretty sure that barely anyone's gonna read this, but might as well try this. Ok so I signed up a couple of weeks ago and only now I've understood how to use this site. Mu music listening will increase because it's SPRING BREAK! YAAAAY ^^ I get bored easily and by staying at home for a week then I'll be fuckin' lazy, so Music 24/7... Meh I'm no good at journaling :X idk if this is how I'm supposed to write one.. I won't blame you if you thought I'm boring :/