• ....Ballsy!!!

    Jan 4 2008, 19h46

    Jeu 3 jan. – The Dresden Dolls, Die Mannequin, Two Ton Boa, Meow Meow

    Hello one and all, Was at the Dresden dolls show yesterday, for openers, Die Mannequin...nice delivery..if they could only have a bass player that does something other than strumming the same string and making me wonder if his fender precision is plugged..would be nicer even! We then had a circus performer Jonas seomthing..can't remember, sorry, but he was amazing! The we had a local band perform one song, and I WANT to know who they are..can't seem to find the name of the band..if anyone was there, and knows, please let me know! Only other thing I have to say about that that I find it one of the most beautiful and art-friendly gesture one could do..just rent the place, pay your roadies, set up all you gotta do to have a show that's filled...and you give a spot to someone from the local scene so that they get known...AND let them use your very own equipment (Brian's drums and Amanda'a Kurtzweill)...THAT is something..that is doing it for the music as they say.

    Onward to the show itself: considering that Amanda AND Brian had the flu and that her voice was trailing in and out..she still sung one of the hardest to pull off french song (le port d'Amsterdam) as an encore...oh, and for the Floyd fans out there...they opened with In the flesh...dresed in a mock-up SA is their staple of making a dramatic entrance..heheh. Honestly though, considering the couldn't have been any other suit. The other high points of the evening, for me, were glass slipper wich made the guy next to me shed a tear or two, and myself almost. Then you have the I don't know how many minutes long intro to half jack....Brian must have had sore arms after that! They also gave a shot at Mein Herr, a little cabaret anyone?

    All in all, I think that Amanda made the best out of her trailing gave a more emotional approach to many songs...and she worked miracles with that voice!

    As an end note...I just want to say thank you to the audience that screamed at the wailers to shut the hell up in the middle of glass slipper...and Amanda, Brian, Jonas..without you three..I wouldn't have been able to make my wife happy and have her violin signed! All the fans out need anything signed and they're on the know they're into this for the music...they won't cut you out because it'S too late..they just need us as much as we need them!