• Burning Bright

    Mai 26 2011, 2h14

    Some article that I wrote for journalism class and thought people might want to read, and if you think it sucks let me know....

    One of the most popular rock bands of its time, the Foo Fighters go back to the basics with their new album Wasting Light, which was recorded in guitarist/vocalist Dave Grohl's garage. It marks the band's first studio album to be released since the arrival of Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace in 2007.
    Dave Grohl, drummer Taylor Hawkins, bassist Nate Mendel, and the guitar tandem of Pat Smear and Chris Shiflett make up the Foo Fighters. The entire album was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage on analog tape, something that the group took much pride in and also gives rawness to the recording. Those who bought the physical copy were surprised with an actual inch-long slice of the master tapes (which were backed up onto other reels before being chopped up). Contributing to the throwback feel is the presence of producer Butch Vig, who worked with Nirvana on the landmark album Nevermind while Grohl was the band's drummer, and the return of Pat Smear, who has not played on a Foo Fighter’s album since 1997’s The Colour and the Shape. Also appearing on the album are former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü.
    Prior to the album’s debut, Grohl promised that there would be absolutely no acoustic tracks on the record and he certainly was not lying. The hard rocking Foo’s album skyrocketed to the top of the charts, pushing out Adele's 21.
    In addition to the excitement created by the release, they also celebrated Record Store Day, April 16th, with a vinyl of covers, titled Medium Rare, featuring covers of influential classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Prince, Cream and Thin Lizzy. As if that were not enough, a documentary was also made about the Foo Fighters and hit theaters and select television stations on April 5th. Although all of this seems to suggest the band is nearing the end, Wasting Light clearly shows that they are not slowing down any time soon.
    Wasting Light begins thunderously with Grohl erupting, “These are my famous last words!” on Burning Bridges, a high-energy riff-ridden rocker, just as is expected from the Foo Fighters. Following that is the first single from the album, the contagious Rope, featuring repetitive rhythms, tight drumming by Hawkins, and a quick guitar solo. The next song, Dear Rosemary comes next and displays the distinct vocals of Bob Mould from Hüsker Dü as well as the far reaching dynamics of the band. As Dear Rosemary fades out, listeners are thrust head first into White Limo, by far the heaviest song on the record. The number is characterized by distorted screaming from Grohl, guitar solo battles, ferocious riffs, driving bass playing, and the music video features metal icon Lemmyof Motörhead.
    Arlandria marks the peak of the new album, both chronologically and musically. It shows the band treading on some new territory with a Queens of the Stone Age- sounding introduction and lyrics like “shame, shame go away, come again some other day”. Quite like Dear Rosemary, Arlandria is very dynamic and complex while also relying heavily on its catchy lyrics. As listeners reach the second half of the album, they find themselves knee-deep in uptempo radio-friendly tunes such as These Days, Back And Forth and A Matter of Time. It is not until the final trio of songs that hard arena rock makes its reappearance in the form of Miss the Misery, in which the album title Wasting Light is mentioned.
    I Should Have Known is a somber tale of regret and sorrow, assumed by most to be about Grohl's former bandmate Kurt Cobain, yet he suggests, “When I first started writing that song, I was writing it about someone else” according to MTV. The piece starts off slowly with an electric violin and builds up some steam, before evolving into a heavier song with a crunching bass and meaty riffs. To top off the album is the grandiose Walk, the ideal closer. Similar to the previous composition, its begins slowly and builds itself up as it goes along until the band is going on all cylinders with Grohl screaming “I never want to die!”. Verdict? Buy it.