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  • rockmetalrules

    Man, I completely forgot about Maiden's new album. My birthday month will be awesome with the new music coming out! I won't have high hopes for the new album (as opposed to Don Henley's because I've heard 2 of the 16 songs and alot of hype about it being one of the best albums of this year). The first single is available on Spotify now. I'll probably give it a listen tomorrow.

    22 Jul 6h16 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Hey, I just found out that Amorphis is releasing a new album, Under the Red Cloud, in September. Looks like I have 2 new albums to anticipate in September(the other being Don Henley's new solo album, Cass County). I hope that it's more death metal like than Circle was.

    21 Jul 17h24 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Welk, at least you're making money! I'm still being lazy and doinh nothing (I just don't have any motivation). I've loved Already Gone since I was a kid as well (though I called it Victory Song lol). I went from being a casual Eagles fan to full blown hardcore fan in less than a month! :p

    15 Jul 5h30 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    *Glenn Frey

    14 Jul 1h06 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    I'm doing ok. How about yourself? Our compatibility probably dropped because of all of my Eagles/lrenn Frey scrobbles in the past few months lol.

    14 Jul 1h06 Responder
  • ElvenLegions

    Heathenreel and The Pagan Manifesto are near perfect albums for me! :D My favourite Elvenking albums by far. To be honest, Era and Red Silent Tides I've barely touched, and The Scythe I don't like a single song off of, but I guess it depends on what type of metal you like. Heathenreel and TPM share a very similar folky style, which I'm really into. The Winter Wake is decent too, and their acoustic album I really enjoy. :3 Love me some Elvenking.

    3 Jul 20h22 Responder
  • ElvenLegions

    It's an awesome song! :D I'm kind of surprised I'm a top listener for anything to be honest haha. When I set up this account, I didn't know what I was doing and I accidentally synced it through my new phone, instead of my iPod that I've used for years. Oh well! :P

    1 Jul 18h52 Responder
  • ElvenLegions

    Thanks, and thanks for the add. :)

    30 Jun 15h30 Responder
  • ShiftedBlack

    Oh hey thanks dude, you've got some nice stuff in there too!

    20 Mai 11h41 Responder
  • machine_head_72

    Very agreeable charts ;)

    19 Mai 22h45 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Glad you joined. We created it because in Unholy Cult, none of us had full powers, so now we do. :)

    12 Mai 17h55 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Hey Thomas, if you want to, join my new group: http://www.last.fm/group/Sinister+Slaughterhouse.

    12 Mai 3h53 Responder
  • hurricane_mario

    I have the Barrel Set on Bluray :D

    4 Mai 0h25 Responder
  • hurricane_mario

    hahaha nice avatar

    27 Abr 13h53 Responder
  • Sugus_

    Hi there, nice chart! :D

    13 Abr 6h21 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    :) thanks. Like I said, it came down to "this is who I am". I couldn't fight it anymore. I'm glad to have reached that point.

    3 Abr 0h44 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Another thing that gets my goat is the "it's a choice" thing. I've found that expressing myself as masculine/male person has made me happier and more content with my body (though at times, I still wanna take my pocket knife and cut my boobs off). I'm lucky in that I have always sorta expressed my masculinity since I was little. That's why most people who know me weren't too surprised.... As for sexuality, the sight of a naked woman (particularly a shot of down under), makes my stomach turn. However, the sight of a naked man makes my heart start pounding. Btw, not going to lie, you're a very handsome guy. :)

    2 Abr 23h37 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Yeah, I tried to find the light. The more I resisted being myself, the worse off I was. It finally came down to this: if I was forced to act feminine and not be myself, then give me a gun cause I'm not going to live like that". I can't imagine living for another 50+ years being someone I'm not. I'd rather not be alive at all. I'm not too afraid of losing people. My grandparents won't be around much longer, and they're the main people I pretend to Christian around, except for my uncle. He's turned into an uber Christian, not hateful, but just too religious for me. With my grandparents, I just try to bite my tongue and agree with them. All except for one aren't too bad, even the retired Freewill baptist minister(my pop) is ok. I told my mom that I "don't know if a god exists.He/she/it may or not exist". That my honest take about it.I don't have many folks who care about me/myself in real life. I have always been an outcast of the family.Sometimes,that's good,sometimes it's not.

    2 Abr 23h21 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    I can't resist :D Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me (1991): http://youtu.be/EprQGmZ3Imw. It's a struggle in some ways to not explode in front of certain family members. My mom found out unfortunately earlier today because of me commenting on an atheist post on Facebook. She didn't say much and nothing hateful. Also, it's hard because I'm not able to do the fun stuff that my church does anymore, like camp. Camp was ok until I became a teenager, then my church really did something. 2 years in a row of a week in Daytona Beach Florida! What 13-20 y/o kid doesn't want that, even if it means putting up with 3 hours of faith service a day? Also, like I said, Wednesday night supper was an escape from my hellish teen years. My youth leaders were cool, and when I came out, both said "I don't understand, but if it's who you are, so be it". It was when I got put in the adult class, that all hell broke loose. An evangelical southern baptist pastor? Yeah, no, his preaching, I don't like.

    2 Abr 21h49 Responder
  • rockmetalrules

    Lol thanks. The lgbt community here isn't really demonized, just kept hush hush. I mean, I didn't know what "gay" meant until I was 17 and I didn't know of trans people until I was 18 and I came out. Most of the Christians that I know are at least tolerant of me, if not supportive. A few however, are just down right nasty about it. Those few are what made me see Christianity in a different light.... Science tries to explain things with proof or facts, while religion requires blind faith in many ways.

    2 Abr 21h34 Responder
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