Never-Before-Seen Star Trek TNG cut scene!


Ago 19 2005, 21h17

Never-seen scene from The Next Generation (probably never shown because the RIAA was stingy with the rights to play the song in question):

Picard: "Data, what *is* that noise you're listening to?"

Data: "I came across this during my study of human musical history. It's from the 1980's. I believe they refer to it as 'Poodle Rock'."

Picard: "Poodle Rock? What an odd name."

Data: "Yes, sir. I don't understand it myself either, as I have yet to hear any poodles. This composition is from a band known as 'Def Leppard'."

Picard: "Def... Oh, never mind. Please, Data, turn that noise down!"

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  • tm0rk

    I always though it would be funny if Spock was madly into the prog-rock band Spock's Beard.

    Nov 22 2005, 17h05
  • Doc_Faustus


    Mar 28 2006, 1h48
  • HairMetalAddict

    *Hands Doc Faustus a Sense of Humor so he can recognize it's just a joke* :-P

    Mar 28 2006, 5h27
  • tremere

    haha cool, i always wonder how they even manage to work without music and without talking casual to each other on working times. I know its a tv show but still it are some mistakes.

    Nov 24 2006, 20h31
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