Holy crap, when did last.fm get so badass?


Ago 5 2006, 0h38

So I log on to last.fm sometime last week and discover a whole new addiction. I was already addicted to Audioscrobbler and the previous version of Last.fm, but now it's just ridiculous.

The new plugin is just perfect. I find myself opening it often to mark "Loved" tracks, or just to read the little artist wiki's that pop up underneath the track info.

Bravo dev's, f'ing bravo.


  • tlcoles

    I can't even remember what blog I read that first recommended Last.fm but I was pretty pleased, then, with what I thought was a simply nice program. Now? Holy mother, it's like a whole new world. Did they get some cash infusion or somethin'??? Loving it!

    Jan 19 2007, 13h50
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