One Hit Wonders of the UK Top 40 (part two): 1960s


Abr 16 2007, 20h40

Continuing the series on UK one-hit wonders with the Swinging Sixties! I've marked the songs I personally recall hearing in italics. I've also included the date they charted, and the highest position (in brackets).

Note that on some weeks, there were 2 or 3 different artists listed with the same song. This is not a mistake - it was not particularly unusual in the '50s and '60s for different cover versions to chart simultaneously.

As with the other lists, if you think of any I might have missed from this decade, let me know here. Please drop me a note too if any bring back memories from film soundtracks, parents' collections or, if you're old enough, first time around! :^)

Ok, here we go:

12-Feb-60The Big Hurt(30)
10-Mar-60Looking High High High(20)
10-Mar-60Teen Angel(37)
10-Mar-60Theme From a Summer Place(2)
24-Mar-60Mean to Me(40)
28-Apr-60Lonely Man Theme(39)
28-Apr-60Standing On The Corner(34)
28-Apr-60Tom Pillibi(33)
05-May-60Sixteen Reasons(9)
19-May-60Tease Me(27)
02-Jun-60Sweet Dreams(29)
09-Jun-60Little Christine(39)
09-Jun-60Angela Jones(7)
09-Jun-60Rockin' Red Wing(36)
07-Jul-60Lady Is A Tramp(26)
14-Jul-60Paper Roses(24)
21-Jul-60Happy Go Lucky Me(40)
21-Jul-60Alley Oop(24)
21-Jul-60Banjo Boy(36)
11-Aug-60Mule Skinner Blues(39)
25-Aug-60Image of a Girl(37)
25-Aug-60Tell Laura i Love Her(1)
08-Sep-60Let's Think About Living(6)
13-Oct-60Never On Sunday(27)
20-Oct-60Never On Sunday(30)
20-Oct-60Never On Sunday(36)
01-Dec-60Gurney Slade(11)
22-Dec-60Strawberry Blonde(24)
22-Dec-60Little White Berry(40)
12-Jan-61Can't You Hear My Heart(36)
02-Mar-61Baby Sittin' Boogie(17)
16-Mar-61Theme from Exodus(25)
13-Apr-61Asia Minor(35)
13-Apr-61Blue Moon(1)
18-May-61I've Told Every Little Star(7)
15-Jun-61The Magnificent Seven(34)
29-Jun-61Don't Jump off the Roof Dad(40)
27-Jul-61Quite a Party(29)
10-Aug-61Baby Sittin'(30)
31-Aug-61Sea of Heartbreak(14)
14-Sep-61You'll Answer to Me(5)
05-Oct-61Bless You(5)
19-Oct-61Let's Get Together(17)
26-Oct-61The Mountain's High(37)
02-Nov-61This Time(22)
16-Nov-61I Love How You Love Me(18)
23-Nov-61My Sunday baby(36)
23-Nov-61The Way You Look Tonight(36)
30-Nov-61I Understand(17)
07-Dec-61Tall Dark Stranger(31)
12-Dec-61The Lion Sleeps Tonight(11)
14-Dec-61I Cried For You(34)
04-Jan-62Can't You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart(39)
04-Jan-62The Language of Love(13)
18-Jan-62Peppermint Twist(26)
18-Jan-62Small Sad Sam(34)
08-Feb-62Peppermint Twist(33)
22-Feb-62Walk with Me My Angel(39)
01-Mar-62Theme from Z Cars(8)
19-Apr-62Love Letters(4)
17-May-62Swinging In The Rain(34)
28-Jun-62Al Di La(30)
28-Jun-62Old Rivers(38)
05-Jul-62I'm Just A Baby(13)
11-Oct-62Bobby's Girl(3)
30-Nov-62September in the Rain(35)
20-Dec-62The Madison(36)
27-Dec-62Let's Go(32)
10-Jan-63Don't Hang Up(39)
24-Jan-63Alley Cat Song(21)
31-Jan-63Walk Right In(10)
14-Feb-63From A Jack To A King(2)
28-Feb-63Rhythm of the Rain(5)
28-Feb-63Saturday Night at the Duck Pond(33)
28-Feb-63Pied Piper (The Beeje)(29)
14-Mar-63Mr Bass Man(24)
14-Mar-63End Of The World(18)
28-Mar-63Our Day Will Come(38)
02-May-63Little Band of Gold(29)
11-Jul-63The Cruel Sea(18)
11-Jul-63If You Wanna Be Happy(39)
25-Jul-63Wipe Out(5)
01-Aug-63Only The Hearteaches(22)
08-Aug-63Blue girl(31)
08-Aug-63You Don't Have To Say You Love Me(6)
12-Sep-63Hello Muddah Hello Faddah(14)
12-Sep-63Hello Heartache Goodbye love(29)
31-Oct-63Maria Elena(5)
21-Nov-63Swinging On A Star(7)
28-Nov-63Yesterday's Gone(37)
05-Dec-63All I want for Christmas is a Beatle(20)
12-Dec-63Not Too Little Not Too Much(17)
09-Jan-64All my loving(33)
16-Jan-64Poison Ivy(35)
16-Jan-64Song Of Mexico(39)
13-Feb-64Um Um Um Um Um Um(40)
26-Mar-64Hi-Heel Sneakers(23)
07-May-64Walkin' the Dog(36)
13-Aug-64Move It Baby(37)
13-Aug-64She's Not There(12)
20-Aug-64I Should Have Known Better(24)
03-Sep-64Seven Daffodils(33)
10-Sep-64The Letter(35)
22-Oct-64Wild Side Of Life(33)
29-Oct-64Tokyo Melody(9)
29-Oct-64Now We're Thru(31)
26-Nov-64Message To Martha(36)
03-Dec-64Cast Your Fate to the Wind(5)
14-Jan-65Going Out Of My Head(39)
04-Feb-65Long After Tonight Is All Over(40)
25-Feb-65The In Crowd(25)
18-Mar-65You're breakin' my heart(14)
25-Mar-65The Birds And The Bees(29)
20-May-65Trains And Boats And Planes(4)
17-Jun-65She's About A Mover(15)
01-Jul-65That's the Way Love Goes(37)
22-Jul-65Zorba's Dance(6)
29-Jul-65A Walk In The Black Forest(3)
26-Aug-65Il Silenzio(8)
02-Sep-65Hang On Sloopy(5)
09-Sep-65Eve Of Destruction(3)
16-Sep-65Take a Heart(21)
23-Sep-65You've got to hide your love away(28)
30-Sep-65It's Good News Week(5)
04-Nov-65Treat Her Right(30)
23-Dec-65Bye Bye Blues(24)
13-Jan-66Mirror Mirror(9)
20-Jan-66Tchaikovsky One(22)
17-Feb-66Make The World Go Away(8)
24-Feb-66Flowers on the wall(38)
10-Mar-66Elusive Butterfly(5)
10-Mar-66A Man Without Love(30)
31-Mar-66Please Stay(26)
07-Apr-66Walking My Cat Named Dog(22)
14-Apr-66I Fought the Law(33)
14-Apr-66Highway code(25)
21-Apr-66Shotgun Wedding(6)
05-May-66You Can't Sit Down(39)
16-Jun-66Sittin' On A Fence(25)
23-Jun-66the more i see you(34)
30-Jun-66Younger Girl(38)
04-Aug-66They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!(4)
03-Nov-66Painter Man(36)
23-Feb-67Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye(28)
20-Apr-67Guns Of Navarone(36)
20-Apr-67If I Were A Rich Man(9)
27-Apr-67Sweet Soul Music(7)
15-Jun-67Olive Tree(33)
15-Jun-67When You're Young and in Love(13)
12-Jul-67Up Up And Away(6)
12-Jul-67San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)(1)
09-Aug-67Five Little Fingers(19)
23-Aug-67Soul Finger(33)
23-Aug-67Let's Go To San Francisco(4)
13-Sep-67Train to Skaville(40)
25-Oct-67I Feel Love Comin' On(11)
15-Nov-67Foggy Mountain Breakdown(39)
22-Nov-67Train To Rainbow City(35)
13-Dec-67La derniere valse(26)
27-Dec-67Gimme Little Sign(8)
03-Jan-68Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)(3)
03-Jan-68Everything I Am(6)
03-Jan-68Best part of breaking up(25)
24-Jan-68So Much Love(31)
07-Feb-68bend me shape me(24)
13-Mar-68Something Here In My Heart (Keeps A-Tellin' Me no)(11)
20-Mar-68I Can't Let Maggie Go(8)
27-Mar-68I've Got You On My Mind(36)
10-Apr-68White Horses(10)
24-Apr-68La La La(35)
29-May-68Tribute To A King(31)
05-Jun-68Yummy Yummy Yummy(5)
26-Jun-68Smokey Blues Away(38)
03-Jul-68Where Will You Be(17)
17-Jul-68Here Comes The Judge(19)
17-Jul-68Here Comes The Judge(30)
28-Aug-68Classical Gas(9)
11-Sep-68The Good The Bad And The Ugly(1)
16-Oct-68Harper Valley PTA(12)
16-Oct-68Rudi's In Love(25)
06-Nov-68Rain and Tears(29)
06-Nov-68I'm The Urban Spaceman(5)
20-Nov-68Quick Joey Small(19)
27-Nov-68Sabre Dance(5)
18-Dec-68On Mother Kelly's Doorstep(33)
29-Jan-69Move In A Little Closer(24)
05-Feb-69She's Not There(34)
26-Feb-69If You Love Her(32)
05-Mar-69Games People Play(6)
30-Apr-69you've made me so very happy(35)
14-May-69Groovy Baby(29)
21-May-69Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'(12)
21-May-69Oh Happy Day(2)
28-May-69Way Of Life(6)
28-May-69Wet Dream(10)
04-Jun-69Boogaloo Party(26)
11-Jun-69Something In The Air(1)
16-Jul-69I Can Sing A Rainbow(15)
23-Jul-69Si Tu Dois Partir(21)
30-Jul-69Je t'aime... moi non plus(2)
09-Aug-69In The Year 2525 (Exordium And Terminus)(1)
16-Aug-69Marrakesh Express(17)
23-Aug-69Natural Born Bugie(4)
06-Sep-69Nobody's Child(6)
06-Sep-69Love At First Sight (Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus)(18)
04-Oct-69Return of Django(5)
11-Oct-69Sugar Sugar(1)
25-Oct-69Robin's Return(33)
25-Oct-69Golden Slumbers(35)
15-Nov-69Proud Mary(30)
15-Nov-69The Deal(31)


  • Tiggrrr

    Some of these don't sound much like one-hit wonders: Edith Piaf Fairport Convention Crosby, Stills & Nash Aphrodite's Child Judith Durham (the Seekers) Burt Bacharach Dobie Gray - surely Drift Away charted also. Blood, Sweat and Tears - surely Spinning Wheels charted also.

    Abr 17 2007, 0h33
  • HTUK

    Some fair points there. I'd have thought the same, as there were a few that surprised me in these lists too. In fact, to make sure I'll go back and cross-check the ones you highlighted. There are a few useful sites out there for verifying historic chart runs - one of my faves (for US and UK charts) is Bear in mind also that: 1) this list is from the UK charts only, so may not reflect the same success that some bands and artists might have achieved elsewhere in the world and; 2) The main UK chart has traditionally been composed of just the Top 40 entries (not 50, 75 or 100), so some of these artists may have achieved other hits in the lower reaches of the chart or have gained airplay success without actually breaking the Number 40 barrier more than once. [i](On that second point, I just noticed from searching that Dobie Gray also had a No.42 hit with Out On The Floor in 1975. No mention of Drift Away though. Also, Crosby, Stills & Nash (with Young) had a No.55 hit in 1989 too.)[/i] Incidentally, I've counted solo ventures from musicians who have also been in a group as seperate entries, thus Judith Durham (on her own) is counted as a one-hit wonder in this instance, although the Seekers (with her as lead singer) had several hits through the late '60s. Stretching the definition of one-hit wonder a bit perhaps, but it does reflect the fact that quite often, former band members are far less commercially successful when they strike out alone! A similar thing could be said for writers like Burt Bacharach who, although penning lots of hits for other singers, only appears to have had one UK Top 40 hit all on his own.

    Abr 17 2007, 1h26
  • Tiggrrr

    Harrumph. The polyhex list of US one-hit wonders includes Janis Joplin, Steve Winwood, Vangelis and Sinead O'Connor.

    Abr 17 2007, 2h44
  • HTUK

    Tsk! I've no way of verifying that, since I'm not familiar with the US chart history... but if that's true, that's a pretty poor show!

    Abr 17 2007, 2h53
  • netclectic

    [quote]I've marked the songs I personally recall hearing in italics.[/quote] I assume you not talking about hearing them at the time? If the age in your personal details is to be believed then that would be quite impressive!

    Ago 9 2007, 15h03
  • HTUK

    Haha! Err.. no, not at the time! But in most cases, while I was young (due to parental or other family influences) Incidentally, a good searchable source of UK hits is at

    Set 13 2009, 23h45
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