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  • djb1993djb

    ahhh many thanks for reminding me of that band. having a lovely evening revisiting dust and chimes.

    23 Abr 2h18 Responder
  • Issa-Void

    That was hilarious. Presumably that guy with the laptop died

    22 Abr 21h44 Responder
  • Issa-Void

    Are these guys your heroes?

    22 Abr 20h33 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    seek out "opium musick" by american primitivist guitarist jack rose. rich, opiated (as the title suggests) guitar raga backed by tanpura. i'd forgotten about until just now

    22 Abr 20h00 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    yeah, i had to monitor the album's name on my slsk wishlist for a couple of days before finding it. a few users have it though

    21 Abr 2h05 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    i actually ended up dl'ing and listening to Elevation by Pharoah after i saw that the track you recommended was also your all time most scrobbled. your Nikhil Banerjee scrobbles would seem to indicate that you haven't listened to his ~73 minute "Raag Malkauns". It's magnificent and i don't doubt you'll love it

    16 Abr 16h48 Responder
  • djb1993djb <--- the don cherry track. would be curious to know your initial impressions of the aksak maboul

    9 Abr 15h46 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    YES i was actually considering asking you to recommend things similar to journey in satchidananda in my previous request. If you've not already heard it, the track "Malkauns" off Don Cherry's Brown Rice would be right up your alley. tanpura, upright bass, and Don lays some cosmically hypnotic trumpet work into the grooves. the jazz drumming is shimmering and unobtrusive. v powerful medicine. if you're into vocal indian classical go check out pandit pran nath. also la monte young's tribute album to him, "the tamburas of pandit pran nath" which, unsurprisingly, is is a 73 minute track of tambura drones. overtone heaven.

    9 Abr 15h43 Responder
  • trashcity_

    What would you recommend along the lines of This Heat's first LP, particularly the instrumental stuff like Horizontal Hold? The closest I've come across is the early Destroy All Monsters stuff in the sense of real loose but sonically rich groove jams, sometimes venturing into free time. TH is way better composed though

    9 Abr 3h52 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    in any case i see you've been listening to a lot of it lately, so i definitely recommend "the colorful world" by ashok pathak

    8 Abr 22h11 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    are you well versed in indian classical? i've only the most rudimentary knowledge of raga but have been struggling to find slower, more meditative and microtonal stuff along the lines of ahsok pathak's most inspired surbahar work, with prominent tanpura accomaniment. i like ravi shankar but a lot of the stuff i've listened to is too frenetic for what i'm usually in the mood for. suggestions?

    8 Abr 22h09 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    not having whatcd (and not being particularly uptight about bitrate if files are at least v0 or better), i venture to say that the selection is probably just as good, if not better just in terms of breadth. i write a little bit of poetry. i take inspiration from the arabesque quality of Maclise's rhythms both in his drumming and his poetry. the first time i heard him drum i immediately grasped what i perceived to be his approximation of the rhythm and thrust of rainwater. this was confirmed when i later read in a short essay by la monte young that rainwater was precisely what Maclise attempted to channel in his work. this might not seem significant but i'm lately taking to heart what stockhausen said about the incredible labor of opening oneself to music, instead of taking for granted that something will immediately 'make sense' to the listener. the revelation about Maclise was something of a checkpoint on the road to cosmic appreciation in that sense, i guess

    8 Abr 22h05 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    also recommending the criminally obscure RIO group Aksak Maboul. "Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine" and "Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits" are both excellent records. fred frith and chris cutler play on the latter

    7 Abr 23h41 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    also, i wonder if you enjoyed listening to the Angus Maclise this week. He is one of my greatest artistic inspirations. if you dug the cloud doctrine, please do yourself a favor and listen to the dreamweapon series he did-- there are 4 in total (though i've yet to locate the fourth). on dreamweapon iii is a short drum solo which might be one of the most astonishing percussion performances i've ever heard. i don't think there's any question the Spacemen 3 were referencing Maclise by naming their own record dreamweapon (which i daresay is their best recorded work). are you familiar with the "inside the dream syndicate" records / la monte young's theater of eternal music? you might angus maclise was involved in that; in any case highly recommended.

    7 Abr 23h39 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    what do you use to acquire music? i thought i had u pinned as a slsk person

    7 Abr 23h33 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    i had the pleasure of chatting with him for a while-- not earnestly awkward but burnt out perhaps from the previous night and a bit doleful. favorite roy montgomery project/album? i can't get enough of his special strain of gloom

    5 Abr 16h33 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    (on the nww list)

    5 Abr 0h41 Responder
  • djb1993djb

    ty for the recommendation, rather enjoying their debut. know next to nothing ab the paisley underground tbh. have you listened to Joyride by Friendsound? a+++ 60's psych esoterica

    5 Abr 0h41 Responder
  • trashcity_

    What do you make of Free City Rhymes from NYC Ghosts and Flowers? I'm not crazy about the rest of the album but I find the opening track to be among my favorites. I think it might be one of their most subtle songs too

    4 Abr 4h46 Responder
  • trashcity_

    Maybe it is but I sure wouldn't be able to tell! I think it's my favorite from Dirty.. Steve Shelley's grooves in the verses are so good

    4 Abr 4h16 Responder
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