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Set 19 2011, 0h26

Album: Tripper
Label: Sargent House

[Excerpt from our review on Groovemine]

Anyone who has ever heard of a drummer named Zach Hill knows exactly what to expect from a project he participates in. Whether it’s Marnie Stern, bygones,Nervous Cop or Death Grips, Hill’s absolutely monolithic beats ring true as a prime example of someone who can push the limits of the classic kit. In fact, it’s almost a bit detracting to perform with him, as the main focus tends to stray from anything accompanying him (or vice versa). I know this was a problem for me while listening to Hella’s 2002 debut, Hold Your Horse Is.

That’s what is so exciting about Tripper, their newest release. I CAN HEAR THE GUITAR. AND IT’S DAMN GOOD. “Osaka” is a perfect reminder that...

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