Slip into the dreamscape of this inspirational release


Jan 15 2011, 3h06

Artist: Nightlands
Album: Forget the Mantra
Label: Secretly Canadian

[Excerpt from our review on Groovemine]

"Ever listen to War on Drugs? Heavy reverb, undeterred guitar riffs, and much like an actual war on drugs, can be depressing, weighty, unforgettable, and at times drawn out. Now imagine for a minute that the war was over. The government gave up and in celebration everyone went on a super-elated acid inspired dream trip. The sound track to said trip would be Nightlands ’Forget the Mantra'. 'War on Drugs’ bassist Dave Hartley is the sole creator of his album, using only his talents and the hazy recollections of his own dreams. Not surprisingly, the entire album plays like a dream, each track taking you to a more bizarre, yet peaceful dreamscape than the last.

The album starts with a track bearing the same name as the album itself. “Forget the Mantra” is the perfect intro to the album. A rapid drum machine paired with mysterious sounds gives it a kind of..."

Entire review and FREE MP3 "300 Clouds" & '“Suzerain”: HERE


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