A quick summary of 2007 personally.


Dez 19 2007, 16h26

Sometimes my journals are too time specific in regards to the way they apply to the music I'm feeling at that exact moment, or that week and can never really represent what I feel about the year as a whole. I really don't think I can avoid this though to be fair and the top 25 albums I did last week was a pretty accurate stamp on the albums released in 2007 that I enjoyed. Even if I did remember a few albums I'd missed straight after (D'Arcangelo) for example.

So for 2007 I think it's affirmed my love for a few artists. Aphex Twin, Clark & Luke Vibert have become major artists in the music I listen to, all year round too which is much more than can be said for other acts who come alive in certain seasons. I've also discovered Dance music in a way aside from the more experimental side and have grasped a basic understanding of in regards to & and also researched a lot of the sound to discover who inspired the artists who inspired me. Sure I don't enjoy it half as much as the artists who mean the most to me but I see it as fundamentally important to see the roots of all music which interests you if possible. I could list all the other acts and genre's I've dipped into but I'd be boring myself, never mind the reader.

I'm also interested at how quitting cannabis will affect what I listen to in 2008. Its getting close to a month now and it hasn't had the effect I assumed it would, although the minimal & hip hop listening is non existant so maybe it has. Time will tell. I predict a resurge in general rock & Indie bands. I was listening to Cave In & Oceansize the other day who were 2 bands I really were in love with 3 years ago and felt the music a lot more on that day than I ever really did for 3 years. We shall see.

Best gigs of the year:
Aphex Twin & Luke Vibert - Manchester Warehouse Project in December
Pendulum, London Elektricity, Dillinja, Lemon D & Noisia Valvesoundsystem - Leeds Stylus in May
LCD Soundsystem - Leeds Wireless Festival in June
Daft Punk - Leeds Wireless Festival in June
Clark - Leeds Library in February
Deftones - Leeds Uni in February

Top 5 Tracks of the Year:
1. Ace of Clubs - Patriotic Acid
2. The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12
3. Luke Vibert - Rotting Flesh Bags
4. Kings of Leon - Charmer
5. Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation

Looking forward to albums next year from:
Countless More Luke Vibert projects no doubt.
Mogwai & the new Genghis Tron

I can't think of no others right now, possibly none that will amaze yet, but they will upon hearing.


  • Bloomstickle

    Gotta love a song titled Rotting Flesh Bags!

    Dez 26 2007, 22h23
  • InKursion

    The new Genghis Tron is going to be awesome. I email the band from time to time on their merch-email account, and they occasionally respond. I'm really anticipating what's going to come of the new albums too-- the Myspace samples are awesome. Can't disagree with any of your choices, and can only agree with kicking the pot habit :). Shrooms or acid once every 6 months is all you need to keep yourself in touch with the music that you listen to, chronic is for gangsta's and wasta's, yo!

    Dez 28 2007, 0h05
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