the 2007-10-04 Roundtable Round-up


Out 4 2007, 18h13

This week's Roundtable came from Bristol University, with 6 Music's breakfast show presenter Shaun Keaveny, a person from The Cribs calling himself “Ryan”, and Jakobínarína-member Gunnar (try saying that quickly).

Lord Don't Slow Me Down by Oasis has a pounding verse reminiscent of The Importance of Being Idle, but lacks a strong hook or even a discernible chorus. Noel Gallagher sings it mostly on one note.

Fruit Machine, like Ting Tings' last single That's Not my Name, blends ever-trendy hip-hop-type pop with recently-ubiquitous electro+guitar stylings. This is more the latter than the former, and chucks in a little bit of South London-type half-spoken vocals for good measure. It's easy to call it pop music by committee—it's an amalgamation of two or three usually-disparate styles that have been popular recently—but it does hang together well as a single song. In the end, it doesn't actually sound like they've crammed in as many popular styles as possible, though the broad range of sounds implies that they have. If this comes within a mile of E4, it'll sell millions.

Leap of Faith by Hadouken! is primarily pop-friendly light-heavy-metal grunge—like Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park—punctuated by electronic-y beeps and boops every so often. It's like Kraftwerk for fourteen-year-old emo boys—they'll try to play it on their Casio pocket calculators. Keaveny mentions Linkin Park; Ryan Cribs mentions emo and video-game music; Gunnar Jakobínarína mentions nu-metal and electronica; I am right!

The earnest vocals; warbling guitars; lyrics about sleeping; that bit where the guitars kick in that's supposed to send a shiver up your spine; and the resolved, celebratory guitar solo at the end of Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses guarantee its inclusion in an American drama at a particularly poignant moment. The montage will start right when the guitars kick in. The vocals have a distant feeling to them; it sounds like they were recorded on a soaked beach with the singer about ten metres from the microphone—so in the video for Yellow then. Gunnar says Grey's Anatomy; I am right again!

Dance by Justice is electro-dance, much like Junior Senior: the vocals are positively falsetto; but with more weighty instrumentation—yes, Keaveny, like Daft Punk. It's danceable and, as background noise or (as a miscellaneous Bristolist says) while ironing, grooveable.

Is it just me, or does Sara Gilbert have the same smile as David Cameron? Which is weird, 'cos she's hot and he really isn't—maybe it's the whole politics thing. Anyhow, I was going to say that I was unable to like anyone who looks like David Cameron, as Tom Chaplin from Keane rather does, but then thought of Sara Gilbert. Anyhow: The Night Sky is a Keane song; it sounds like Hopes and Fears—slow, schmaltzy and deliberately inoffensive (which is offensive), but this time it's three years too late; it finishes very ponderously. It's as if their second album never happened. Or music. Ever. Bet Cameron does drugs too.

Jack Peñate is a jaunty bastard. His album, Matinee inhabits the overcrowded space between Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and The Kooks along with (almost) every popular British musical act of the last year. It's as if someone made a backup copy in March 2006 of the UK's musical creativity and has been dishing it out to everyone who's gone near a recording studio in 2007. This is worthless pop; I bet it's already in Woolworths' top 40 album chart. Like Gunnar says, it's not even inoffensive enough to be offensively inoffensive like Keane—it's just mediocre. Offensively so. He does have a song called When I Die, though, which is hopeful. Stay tuned.


  • Stephanie_xx

    Just figured i'd mention that The Night Sky was written BEFORE the release of Under the Iron Sea. (:

    Out 6 2007, 20h37
  • GregKNicholson

    Ah! That pretty much explains it then. So they're rehashing an old song for a charity single rather than putting it out as a “proper” single. I was gonna say, it's a bit odd that they'd release this as a comeback single when it's such a regression of their sound (versus Is It Any Wonder at least).

    Out 6 2007, 21h59
  • Stephanie_xx

    They are releasing it as a single but the money goes to Warchild. They probably will start recording album nr 3 after christmas!

    Out 9 2007, 10h30
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