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Abr 14 2010, 0h35

When I discovered The Verve a few years ago, it was a very important musical shock for me. To the point where it soon became my favourite band and I became slightly obsessed with their music. I recently started to dive deeper into their legacy and to collect everything I could find by them on the internet (b-sides, demos, bootlegs, ...) which, considering the quality of their outtakes and the amazingness of their live performances, only contributed to increase the addiction.

This journal doesn't just offer me an overview of my collection. It is a tribute to The Verve and also serves as a good insight of The Verve's legacy for non-fans, newcomers, people who want to know more about this band or even fans. You'll find many videos here, their music videos and some of the highlights of their live history.

So, here is a detailed report of my Verve collection. By "collection" I mean, what I have on my computer and the way it is ordered in my library, because I can't afford to be a collector and most of the stuff here doesn't exist physically .
I only physically own the studio albums.

Hope you'll enjoy. Feel free to comment, to recommend the add of some videos and to ask questions.

Studio albums:
Verve EP (1992)

-Gravity Grave
-A Man Called Sun
-She's a Superstar
-Endless Life

A Storm In Heaven (1993)

-Star Sail
-Slide Away
-Already There
-Beautiful Mind
-The Sun, The Sea
-Make It Till Monday
-Virtual World
-See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

A Northern Soul (1995)

-A New Decade
-This Is Music
-On Your Own
-So It Goes
-A Northern Soul
-Brainstorm Interlude
-Drive You Home
-No Knock On My Door
-Life's An Ocean
-Stormy Clouds

Urban Hymns (1997)

-Bitter Sweet Symphony
-The Rolling People
-The Drugs Don't Work
-Catching The Butterfly
-Neon Wilderness
-Space And Time
-Weeping Willow
-Lucky Man
-One Day
-This Time
-Velvet Morning
-Come On

Forth (2008)

-Sit And Wonder
-Love Is Noise
-Rather Be
-I See Houses
-Noise Epic
-Valium Skies
-Appalachian Springs
Bonus Tracks:
-Ma Ma Soul
-Muhammad Ali

All in the Mind (1992)

-All In The Mind
-One Way To Go
-A Man Called Sun

She's a Superstar (1992)

-She's A Superstar (Extended Version)

Gravity Grave (1992)

-Gravity Grave
-Endless Life
-A Man Called Sun (live)
-Gravity Grave (live encore)

Blue (1993)

-Where The Geese Go
-No Come Down

Slide Away (1993)

-Slide Away
-Make It Till Monday (Acoustic)
-Virtual World (Acoustic)

This Is Music (1995)

-This Is Music
-Let the Damage Begin
-You and Me

On Your Own (1995)

-On Your Own
-I See the Door
-Little Gem
-Dance on Your Bones

History (1995)

-History (radio edit)
-Grey Skies
-Life's Not a Rehearsal
-Back on My Feet Again
-On Your Own (acoustic)
-Monkey Magic (Brainstorm mix)

Bitter Sweet Symphony (1997)

-Bitter Sweet Symphony
-Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
-Country Song
-So Sister
-Echo Bass

The Drugs Don't Work (1997)

-The Drugs Don't Work
-Three Steps
-The Drugs Don't Work (demo)
-Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
-The Crab

Lucky Man (1997)

-Lucky Man
-Never Wanna See You Cry
-The Longest Day
-Lucky Man (Happiness More Or Less)

Sonnet (1998)

-So Sister
-Echo Bass

Love Is Noise (2008)

-Love Is Noise
-Chic Dub
-Let the Damage Begin (live 2007)
-A Man Called Sun (live 2007)
-Love Is Noise (The Freelance Hellraiser Remix)

Rather Be (2008)

-Rather Be
-Love Is Noise (Tom Middleton Remix)
-All Night Long
-Major Force

Live albums:
Voyager 1 (1992)

-Slide Away (live)
-Gravity Grave (live)
-One Way to Go (live)
-South Pacific (live)
-Already There (live)
-She's A Superstar (live)

No Come Down (1994)

-No Come Down
-Blue (USA Mix)
-Make It Till Monday (acoustic)
-Butterfly (Acoustic)
-Where the Geese Go
-6 O'Clock
-One Way to Go
-Gravity Grave (Live Glastonbury 93)

This Is Music: The Singles 92-98 (2004)

-This Is Music
-Slide Away
-Lucky Man
-She's A Superstar
-On Your Own
-All In the Mind
-Gravity Grave (Extended Version)
-The Drugs Don't Work
-Bitter Sweet Symphony
-This Could Be My Moment
-Monte Carlo

Songs that do not appear on any album:
-Make It Till Monday (Demo)
-Virtual World (demo)
-Where The Geese Go (Acoustic)
-Don't You Want Me? (demo)
-The Rolling People (edit)
-Bitter Sweet Symphony (MSG version)
-Bitetr sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix) (instrumental)
-Lucky Man (String Mix)
-The Thaw Session
-Blue Pacific Ocean
-Love Is Noise (Gary B Club Remix)

First Wigan Demos

-The Sun, The Sea (demo)
-Here She Comes (demo)
-Slide Away (demo) (1st take)
-Open Your Eyes (It's Worth It) (demo)
-The Higher I Go (demo)
-All In the Mind (demo)
-Just To See You Move (demo)
-Who's Clean? (demo)
-Verve Are Rising (demo)
-Slide Away (demo) (2nd take)

Northern Soul Demos

-A New Decade (demo)
-So It Goes (demo)
-Come On (demo)
-On Your Own (demo)
-A Northern Soul (demo)
-Stormy Clouds (demo)
-Life's An Ocean (demo)
-Drive You Home (demo)
-History (demo)
-Country Song (demo)

Sympathy For The Demos (Urban Hymns demos)

-Space and Time (demo)
-Sonnet (demo)
-A Song for the Lovers (demo)
-One Before Dinner (demo)
-Misty Morning June (demo)
-Lord I've Been Trying (demo)
-Jerusalem (demo)
-The Drugs Don't Work (demo)
-C'mon People (demo)
-The Crab (demo)
-A Little Bit Of Love (demo)
-Lord I Guess I'll Never Know (demo)
-Monte Carlo (demo)
-Oh Sister (demo)
-New York (Siren Mix) (demo)
-One More for the Lovers (demo)
-It Takes Two (demo)
-Bitter Sweet Symphony (demo)


The Electric Sessions
-John Peel Session, Maida Vale Studio 13.02.92 (contains a live performance of the unreleased and unrecorded Change My Life)
-Simon Fanshaw Show, GLR Stdio 12.08.94
-Maida Vale Studio ??.??.95
-Oxford Road Studio, Manchester, England ??.??.95
-Maida Vale Studio ??.08.97

Radio Sessions 93-97
-Zurdnfurner 03.09.93
-Mark Radcliffe Show, GLR Studio 07.12.93
-Mark Radcliffe Show, GLR Studio 06.07.95
-The Evening Session, Radio 1, Aug. 1997
-MTV Hot, ??.09.97

The acoustic sessions
-Modern Rock Session, New York, 10.05.97
-Maida Vale Studios, London, Sept. 1997
-Live in studio, London, Sept. 1997
-Oxford Road Studios, Manchester, 1993
-John Peel Session 1992

-Assembly Rooms, Derby 03.03.92
-The Octagon, Sheffield 05.03.92
-John Peel Session 07.03.92
-The Capitol, Aberdeen 11.03.92
-Brixton Academy, London 27.03.92
-Town & Country Club, London 10.05.92
-Clapham Grand, London 17.07.92 (2 songs only)
-ULU, London 01.10.92
-Camden Town Hall, London 23.10.92 (contains a live version of Staring Stranger, an early version of "Mover")

-After Dark, Reading 28.05.93
-The Old Trout, Windsor 02.06.93
-The Marquee, London 04.06.93
-Glastonbury Festival 20.06.93
-Loppen, Copenhagen 25.08.93
-Music Halle, Frankfurt 02.09.93
-Zundfunk Radio Show 03.09.93
-Vredenburg, Utrecht 09.09.93
-WNYU FM session 19.10.93
-Fast Lane, Asbury Park 23.10.93
-On A Beat Session 26.10.93
-Lee's Palace, Toronto 27.10.93
-Cabaret Metro, Chicago 29.10.93
-7th Street Entry, Minneapolis 30.10.93
-Cattle Club, Sacramento 23.11.93
-Mark Radcliffe show 07.12.93
-Hop and Grape Festival, Manchester 09.12.93
-The Astoria, London 17.12.93
-Oxford Road Studios session
"Gravity Grave" live at Glastonbury 93

-Schlachthof, Frankfurt, Germany 25.02.94 (Frankfurt '94) (contains a live performance of the unreleased and unrecorded Black & Blue)
-Lollapalooza, Englewood 07.07.94
-Lollapalooza, Harriet Island 12.07.94
-Lollapalooza, Tinley Park 16.07.94
-Simon Fanshaw show 12.08.94
-Clapham Grand, London 12.08.94
-Hultsfred Festival 13.08.94
-Waterpop Festival 20.08.94

-Raw Club, London 08.06.95
-Glastonbury Festival 25.06.95
-BBC Evening session 03.07.95
-Mark Radcliffe show 06.07.95
-Johnny Walker show 07.07.95
-The Astoria, London 07.07.95
-Slim's, San Francisco 18.07.95
-The Phoenix, Toronto 01.08.95
-MTV 120 Minutes 05.08.95
-T in the Park Festival 05.08.95
-Oxford Road Studios session 1995
"Slide Away" live at Glastonbury 95

-BBC Evening session ??.08.97
-Glasgow Barrowlands, Glasgow 10.08.97
-Hammersmith Palais, London 14.08.97
-SFX Centre, Dublin 22.08.97
-Reading Festival 24.08.97
-MTV Hot ??.09.97
-Earl's Court, London 25.09.97
-Modern Rock session 05.10.97
-France Inter's Black Sessions, Paris 15.10.97
-Irving Plaza, New York 05.11.97
-Later With Jools Holland 08.11.97
-The Phoenix, Toronto 11.11.97
-The Warfield, San Francisco 20.11.97
-David Letterman show 1997
-USA Tour 1997
-A Northern Soul (live) (Chris Potter mix)

-Glasgow Barrowlands, Glasgow 11.01.98
-Brixton Academy, London 16.01.98
-Haigh Hall, Wigan 24.05.98
-Pinkpop Festival 01.06.98
-Circuskrone, Munich 06.06.98
-Copps Coliseum, Toronto 31.07.98
-Harborlights, Boston 03.08.98
-Hammerstein Ballroom, New York 06.08.98
-Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco 15.08.98
-Mercer Arena, Seattle 17.08.98
-Slane Castle 29.08.98

-Glasgow Academy, Glasgow 02.11.07
-Glasgow Academy, Glasgow 03.11.07
-Empress Ballroom, Blackpool 05.11.07
-Empress Ballroom, Blackpool 06.11.07
-The Roundhouse, London 08.11.07
-O2 Arena, London 13.12.07
-Odyssey Arena, Belfast 17.12.07

-The Warfield, San Francisco 23.04.08
-Coachella Festival 25.04.08
-Pearl Concert Theater, Las Vegas 26.04.08
-Madison Square Garden, New York 28.04.08
-Ricoh Colliseum, Toronto 01.05.08
-Rock AM Ring 07.06.08
-Rock A Field 21.06.08 (1 song only)
-Eden Sessions, Cornwall 27.06.08
-Glastonbury Festival 29.06.08
-T in the Park 11.07.08
-Oxegen Festival 12.07.08
-Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 05.08.08
-V Festival 07.08.08
-Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo 09.08.08
-Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka 10.08.08
-Summercase Festival, Madrid (3 songs only)
-4music TV live 21.08.08

The Video 96-98

"Come On", USA tour 1997, taken from The Video 96-98

This Is Music: The Singles 92-98

-All In the Mind

-She's A Superstar

-Gravity Grave


-Slide Away

-This is Music

-On Your Own


-Bitter Sweet Symphony

-The Drugs Don't Work

-Lucky Man

-Lucky Man (US version)


-Love Is Noise

-Rather Be

Camden Town Hall 1992

Chicago Metro 1993
"The Sun, The Sea" live at Cabaret Metro, Chicago

Frankfurt 1994
"Star Sail" live in Frankfurt

MTV 120 Minutes 1995
"On Your Own" live on MTV's 120 minutes in 1995.

Jools Holland 1997
"Life's An Ocean" live at Jools Holland

MTV Hot Session 1997
"The Drugs Don't Work" live on MTV Hot Session (Richard Ashcroft & Nick McCabe only)

USA Tour 1997

Pinkpop 1998

Haigh Hall, Wigan 1998 (Homecoming)
"The Rolling People" live in Wigan

Glastonbury 2008

"Bitter Sweet Symphony" live at Glastonbury 2008

"Love Is Noise" live at Glastonbury 2008

Coachella 2008

Maida Vale 2008
"Sit and Wonder" live at Maida Vale 2008

Rock Am Ring Festival 2008

T In The Park 2008

Oxegen Festival 2008
"Lucky Man" live @ Oxegen

Summercase Festival 2008

V Festival 2008
"This Is Music" live at V Festival

Summer Sonic Festival 2008

4Music TV broadcast 2008
"Sonnet" live at 4music

+ various interviews, documentaries and random videos

Thanks, among others, to http://theverveonline.com for the information, the music and the videos.


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    Greg, this one of the bands which I'm going to start digging into very soon! You inspired me with that carefully selected collection haha! I've only got two albums so far but I'm going to keep searching. :) Btw well done for all that work, it must have taken you a lot of time.

    Abr 16 2010, 20h02
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    thanks for the compilation, now I now what exactly I haven't heard yet! Cannot express how appreciated I am!

    Abr 18 2010, 19h40
  • GregCano

    You're welcome. Glad I can help (or start desire to listen to them). ;) Wish more songs could be available on this site but I know Youtube has them all.

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    amazing stuff! thanks for sharing :D i might be missing one or two :S

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    thank you

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    April 14? O_O Wow, I can't believe I only just noticed this. Very impressive how much time and effort you put into this, great job. I've just got one questi- OMG, what the hell is that?! There! Behind you!! *steals computer, runs away*

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    anybody have let the damage begin live ? PLEASE send it so me!

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