Favourite album of the year: 1988-present


Jan 13 2010, 22h14


  • Faraudo2112

    I think that the downward spiral deserves to be the best of 1993, because it's infinetely better than in utero but, it's your oppinion, overall, good list

    Jan 16 2010, 0h23
  • GregCano

    The Downward Spiral is definitely infinitly better than In Utero, however it was released in 1994 and not 1993. And to me 1994 belongs to Superunknown. TDS sure is right behind though. ;)

    Jan 16 2010, 10h04
  • Strokarlos

    Niiice list Man pretty cool! :D

    Fev 11 2010, 3h44
  • allegra_

    I agree with about 70% positions on your list, especially 1991-1995, 2001-2003 and 2007-2009. ;)

    Abr 6 2010, 13h46
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