Top 10 Favorite Pianists/Keyboardists by General Genre: Rock


Jun 26 2006, 2h50


  • KristinaUrine

    I was going to punch you if Fiona Apple wasn't on here.

    Jun 26 2006, 3h13
  • phriedphishphan

    Butch Taylor is a very good musician, but I'd prefer having Tim Reynolds in the band over Butch Taylor anyday. Where is Tim anyway? Are him and Dave still friends?

    Jun 28 2006, 0h01
  • GreatGigInSky

    Tim released a solo album a few years ago. He and Dave do still tour together, the most recent one being the Dave and Friends tour from '03 to '04.

    Jun 28 2006, 12h04
  • Ajrenalin

    Out of that list I am very disappointed that Chuck Leavell is not on there. He should be up there with Gregg Allman if not #1.

    Ago 19 2006, 8h44
  • ormi_

    Thelonious Monk? Herbie Hancock? :O

    Out 23 2006, 13h22
  • GreatGigInSky

    Read the title. ROCK! There's a seperate journal for jazz. bunch of savages on this site, I tell ya.....

    Out 24 2006, 20h18
  • ormi_

    Argh, I'm sorry i'm so blind. :P

    Out 27 2006, 15h58
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