• Anders0n

    Here's a documentry that was on the BBC the other night about Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks Doc. As for your list there's a lot on there I don't know I guess they're not too big here in the UK. Bill Hicks is my particular favourite, but John Stuart, George Carlin and Richard Pryor all do some great stuff. As for Dennis Leeary, yes he may have ripped off Bill Hicks big style but No Cure For Cancer still makes me laugh.

    Ago 23 2007, 18h28
  • Nachothomsen

    Eugene mirman?

    Ago 27 2007, 20h01
  • lumpen_prole

    Mitch Hedberg is not mediocre.

    Ago 28 2007, 3h55
  • b1ackroses

    I didn't know Jon Stewart did stand-up... I'll have to look into that. Agreed on Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt, and Bill Hicks... I think Ron White and Daniel Tosh are better than mediocre... but everything else, I pretty much agree with. There are a lot on here I've never heard of. I should fix that.

    Set 14 2007, 16h55
  • maulofsound

    mitch hedberg's definitely not mediocre, but his comedy's also not for everybody, same with stephen wright. i think daniel tosh is fucking hilarious, though.

    Ago 19 2008, 4h56
  • little_buddha39

    For fuck's sake, where is Stanhope? If the rest of the comedians in the world died and Stanhope survived, comedy would still be rich and vibrant. Rasheed Thurmond, Ian Edwards and Russell Peters also worth it. However, what this list is really missing is British comedians. Don't understand why you like our news sites but not our comedy. Our comedians are bigger and better than yours, bigger in that stand-up comedy is more popular here and better in that the ones who do get famous aren't idiots like Cook. Ricky Gervais, Ross Noble, Bill Bailey, Johnny Vegas, Jack Dee, Eddie Izzard, Irish legends Dylan Moran and Dara O Briain, the list goes on ...

    Fev 28 2009, 2h24
  • lucas220

    Norm MacDonald is not mediocre, attend a live show and you'll see.

    Abr 30 2009, 7h15
  • Blexie

    Bill Hicks was a more sane human being than most people that ever lived. And if you've missed Doug Stanhope I congratulate you - you've got hours and hours of first class stand-up ahead of you...

    Out 23 2009, 16h06
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