Song Of The Day - 4th May 2009: Where Eagles Dare


Mai 4 2009, 21h30

Iron Maiden / Where Eagles Dare / Piece of Mind (1) / 1983

One of my absolute favourite Maiden tracks and my favourite Nicko McBrain moment by far at the beginning of this. No wonder, looking back, that when I was having drum lessons and my teacher asked if I wanted to learn anything specific he had to politely advise me against attempting this at that time. Still, I love playing the guitar parts - ooh triplets!

Piece of Mind is, IMO the most inconsistent Maiden album of the 80s, six of the nine tracks I consider to be good enough to draw it more or less level with the other 80s Maiden albums. The three under four minute tracks though, and yes that includes Flight of Icarus, I consider below par for Maiden. I do think Icarus is the best of the three but the other two short tracks I think I would consider average, at best, for any band. To an extent this is breaking character for me as I usually insist Adrian Smith can do no wrong when he's writing, I even think (perhaps controversially) Hooks In You is a great track, but Sun and Steel is a low moment in Adrian's career. Having said that, as low moments go, it's quite good.

Didn't do a journal on Friday because I went to see a tribute band - a tribute to who? You might ask, well there might be a hint in the title of today's SotD, if not the artist. The weeked then seemed to just disappear without any journals, and I'm not sure why.


  • GrantRS

    Whyyesitwas. I'm so glad there are people willing to bite at the obvious invitation to discuss tribute acts. :) This Eagles tribute (called Desperado, though they don't aren't mentioned on the already shared artist page) interestingly have a young (I'd guess late 20s/early 30s) black drummer who did sing Don Henley's parts (well most of them), and very well I might add, but I couldn't help but think of young Michael Jackson at moments, though it was surprising how close to the original vocal the whole group were frequently. Just curious: Which bit of my assessment of Piece of Mind do you agree with? Obviously not the ordering of the tracks since I just put two of your top 4 in my bottom 3. Which leaves me thinking that you agree it's an inconsistent album (by Iron Maiden standards) with six tracks that draw it more or less equal to the other 80s Maiden albums but that those aren't the same six tracks I'm thinking of. You paid for a ring tone? I may not be the world's foremost expert on phones, but does yours not have the ability to play back mp3s? Or am I missing something here? Of course, I see adverts on the intenet trying to sell me ring tones all the time (ok, less often since I changed to Firefox), I understand there is a market but I don't understand why. I got my current phone used about eighteen months ago and it plays mp3s so I kind of assumed most people must have phones that play mp3s rather than monophonic ring tones now. So you're using The Trooper as a ring tone then? Has your phone gone off while picking the kids up from school yet? Don't feel obligated to answer that if you don't want to. Since it's vaguely interesting and follows on: What I do is use Audacity to edit an mp3 down to the bit I want as a ring tone and have it fade in at the beginning if necessary. Currently my ring tone is an edited version of Taste My Fist by Freak Kitchen, which I've had fade in abruptly at the beginning of the solo, which is a rather jazzy solo with some cool whammy bar & natural harmonic bits that make for a rather unique ring tone. Previously I've done a similar 'begin at the solo' edit for Falling To Pieces by Firewind.

    Mai 5 2009, 13h58
  • GrantRS

    I dunno. I love The Trooper, but I wouldn't call it Bruce's best recorded vocals. Let's not forget Lemmy did a cover that wasn't too bad. I think the words come too fast for it to be a good measure of vocal ability, to be honest. The chorus, I suppose is a decent measure, but I've always felt The Trooper was a rather guitar centric song and I love it for it. Where Eagles Dare though I think is a fantastic vocal performance. Not sure about best ever, but it'd be on the short list. I might be boring and go for Run To The Hills as Bruce's best vocal performance as no one else can sing that song as far as I'm aware. I think Piece of Mind gets rated highly because the good tracks are just so good they make up for the slightly weaker ones. I could edit an mp3 down from here if you've got a request as long as I can easily get hold of the original mp3. As for Taste My Fist, as it'd start on the solo, the only way bystanders are going to hear any of the lyrics and risk being offended is if I didn't answer my phone for the duration of said solo. Which, frankly, could happen but hasn't yet. I can play a few things behind my head (Plug In Baby, for example, which seems to impress people) , but I don't know about behind my back or with my head! How anyone could play anything melodic with their head is beyond me. Really? With his head? What'd he headbutt the strings or something? You didn't mean with his teeth did you? Can't play with my teeth personally, but Jimi's famous for it, isn't he?

    Mai 5 2009, 18h15
  • GrantRS

    lol. I have no words for that.

    Mai 7 2009, 20h48
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